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Brunch in or near SoHo - Where to go?

KiwiGirl625 Oct 11, 2007 10:54 AM

I'm taking a girlfriend out to brunch for her birthday and am looking for casual but nice places for the celebratory meal. We'll be in SoHo beforehand, so something in or around the area would be great. Any kind of food and price range is fine -- would love to hear your favorites!

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    Lucia RE: KiwiGirl625 Oct 11, 2007 10:57 AM


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    1. re: Lucia
      KiwiGirl625 RE: Lucia Oct 11, 2007 11:01 AM

      Jane is delish, but we've been there several times and I'd like to take her someplace new. Somewhere that takes reservations would be good, since we're not patient enough to wait!

    2. LeahBaila RE: KiwiGirl625 Oct 11, 2007 11:13 AM

      The Mercer Kitchen may be fun for a celebratory occasion

      1. j
        jsgjewels RE: KiwiGirl625 Oct 11, 2007 12:05 PM

        Aquagrill. Peekytoe crabcake benedict, yum. They also have this great cocktail with a scoop of grapefruit sorbet in it.

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          kobetobiko RE: jsgjewels Oct 11, 2007 09:12 PM

          I also like Aquagrill for brunch (and dinner) a lot!

        2. k
          kathryn RE: KiwiGirl625 Oct 11, 2007 12:34 PM

          How about the Tasting Room? It's my new go-to in that area if I don't feel like waiting or making reservations in advance (see Jane and Balthazar).

          1. b
            batterypark RE: KiwiGirl625 Oct 11, 2007 01:11 PM

            Peep, with its delicious mostly Thai menu, is quite neat. It is in Soho and the Sunday brunch comes with a drink; the Saturday lunch special comes with a beer or non-alcoholic beverage, appetizer and main course.

            1. n
              nikky RE: KiwiGirl625 Oct 11, 2007 02:53 PM

              Balthazar might work. Or maybe five points?

              1. n
                nyceats RE: KiwiGirl625 Oct 11, 2007 03:08 PM

                five points

                1. k
                  KittyK RE: KiwiGirl625 Oct 11, 2007 05:50 PM


                  1. p
                    PhishFoodie RE: KiwiGirl625 Oct 11, 2007 08:33 PM

                    a lot of people seem to like Zoe. personally, i thought it was good food/alright, not great, but depending what you are looking for/if you kiek the menu, the atmosphere could be right ... and a bit overpriced for what it is, but that is soho for ya ;)

                    nolita house (nearby, houston & mulberry) does a bluegrass bruch that i've heard is fabulous- i've never been for it, but eat there regularly otherwise & love thier food. that could be fun, though you might have a wait.

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