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Oct 11, 2007 10:53 AM

Homemade Italian Sausage

I just bought a sausage stuffer and I am eager to make some Italian Sausage. I am normally not a strict recipe follower, but I would like to get some guidelines for ingredients and proportions. I searched here and google to find some ideas. I didn't have much luck on chowhound and most of the recipes I found on Google didn't call for garlic, which surprised me. If you have made a good Italian Sausage (preferably a bit spicy), can you share your tips? Grazie Infinite!

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  1. Here's a recipe we've used but normally substitute deer meat for the pork and make patties instead of links.

    2 Boston pork butts, skinned, boned, and cut into small
    chunks (including fat), weighing 6 pounds after trimming
    1-1/2 tablespoons salt
    2 teaspoons black pepper
    1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
    5 tablespoons minced broadleaf parsley
    1/2 cup grated Asiago cheese
    4 tablespoons crushed fennel seeds
    3 garlic cloves, minced

    Crisp fennel seeds in a pan in a preheated 325-degree F. oven for 10 minutes. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and thoroughly blend with your hands. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight for flavors to meld. Put seasoned pork chunks through medium plate of a food chopper. Place in a large bowl and mix thoroughly to evenly dis tribute seasonings. Fry a sample patty in melted butter to test fot proper seasoning. All sausages can be prepared as patties (the easiest and many think the most flavorful method of preparation), or run through a sausage-stuffer into hog casings, then frozen.

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      That recipe sounds like mine, but I add a bit of dried sage and thyme(2 tsp each). I also use garlic powder instead of fresh.

      I always cook a bit of the sausage to check the seasoning before I put it in casings.

    2. Oh, and make sure the meat is really cold before you grind it.

      1. I like to use Canadian Caribou meat in my sausage.

        1. If you like garlic in your sausage, just put it in. You don't need a recipe to give you permission.

          1. Here are enough recipes to keep you busy a while.