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Oct 11, 2007 10:52 AM

Has anyone tried Cuvee in Tucson?


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  1. Yes. I've eaten there a couple times over the last two years when I'm in Tucson. I'm a bar-sitter, single diner, so not sure what it's like on the floor. I'd say it's good, not as good as Dish or Feast, two classics in that section of town, but the food is reliable and service is pretty good.

    1. I eat at Cuvee fairly often... maybe once every two or three months. They have an outstanding bar and wine bar, and their food is usually very good. The only complaints I have had is that some of their blander dishes are TOO bland, and occasionally fried items are either over or under done... but that has only happened to me twice, out of many visits.

      1. I've eaten there many times. I've never had a bad meal! It's not a 4 star restaurant, but it's dependably good.

        1. I have eaten there on several occasions and each time I go in with an open mind, but each time I was disappointed. I think there are much better restaurants in Tucson in the same price range. I will agree they have a fairly decent wine list but I really have not liked the food.

          1. I'm surprised by the responses thus far. We've eaten at Cuvee many times, and never had a bad meal. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of the food and service. I also like that they recommend wine with each dish--I've also never been disappointed in their choices.