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Oct 11, 2007 10:37 AM

Looking for Good Barbeque in NOVA

I have tried a few barbeque places in Northern Virginia and haven't been all that impressed. The main ones I have tries are:

King Street Blues
Rocklands Barbeque
Red, Hot & Blue
Famous Daves

So far Famous Daves seems to be the best one. Does anyone know of any other barbeque restaurants they would recommend over those I mentioned.

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  1. Try out these places:
    Bubba's BBQ in Falls Church, VA
    Dixie Bones in Woodbridge, VA
    Del Merei Grill in Arlandria for their beef bbq sliders
    Market Salamander in Middleburg for their pulled pork sandwich (a-mazing)

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    1. re: monavano

      I would:

      1. Add Willard's BBQ in Chantilly to the list of places to try. Close to the local Famous Dave's and far better. Also I'd check out the Mighty Midget in Leesburg for ribs (weekends only) and pulled pork.

      2. Move Bubba's down the list (or off it). I work very close to Bubba's and have given it a few shots. Just meh.

      3. Heartily second the pulled pork at Market Salamander. A delicious, generous sandwich. And wish you good luck on trying to get out of there without buying more food than you had planned on getting.

      4. Suggest that if you want to taste a reasonably good facsimile of eastern North Carolina barbecue, try the Weenie Beenie in Shirlington.

      1. re: Bob W

        Second Mighty Midget.

        Would also add Flavors for pulled pork (though you have to add the vinegar sauce at the table).