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Oct 11, 2007 10:08 AM

Good, but simple, dinner for tomorrow night

I'm trying to choose a restaurant (in the vicinity of North Beach) for tomorrow night. There will be four of us. Three of us are 30 or under. The fourth is much older and is not an adventurous eater. She is from out of town (New York) and I want to make sure we pick a restaurant she'll enjoy.

Basic criteria:

-Relatively affordable; nothing fancy
-In the North Beach vicinity
-Takes reservations (preferably)
-Nothing adventurous (or at least with good non-adventurous options)

Thanks everyone!

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  1. el raigon is safe but kinda adventurous. It's argentinean restaurant that serves all sorts of grilled meats. i wouldn't consider it that affordable but that's relative i suppose.... g luck.

    1. I would suggest either the House or Enrico's.

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        for your NY diner — the pork chop at The House
        1230 Grant Avenue at Broadway
        San Francisco, CA 94133
        (415) 986-8612

        1. re: tvham

          Did Enrico's re-open in the same spot or did they relocate?

          1. re: lamlex

            Enrico's is in the same spot...I've been twice, the mojitos are as good as before and the food less expensive and pretty tasty. They also have a happy hour, I believe Mon-Wed, with $7 pizzas and $3 beer/well drinks.