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Oct 11, 2007 09:52 AM

Chinatown - Fuleen Seafood Restaurant -

We just had a wonderful lunch at Fuleen, 11 Division Street!!! They have a lunch special for $5.50. You pick from 61 choices and tea, rice, soup, plus canned grapefruit sections (for desert). I had shrimp with peanuts and garlic sauce, my wife had pan fried mixed seafood (shrimp, scallops, squid, mushrooms, chicken, vegetables, etc.) We shared. There was enough food for 4 people - My wife ate sensibly but I made a pig of myself and ate my portion and anything my wife did not eat. I needed an extra bowl of rice - no charge. Total bill was $11.00 plus .90 tax. Everything was fresh, correctly seasoned, just excellent! In many places you might pay twice as much for the quality and quantity and still think you were getting a good deal. We were the only non-Asians in the place. I would go back often if I lived in NY,

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  1. apparently fuleen is a place a few chefs go for their food as well. i think i remember daniel boulud mentioning going there.

    1. Dinner is great here too. I returned after an absence of ten years a few weeks ago.

      1. I agree about the quality of the food, but the service there has been so bad that I can't get others to go with me. The soup is usually quite authentic Chinese (a pork bone, herbs and dried vegetables), which I still have not learned to appreciate. Typical of many Chinatown restaurants, the bathroom is down a flight of stairs and is not the nicest around.

        Also consider Amazing 66 on Mott Street, with a $4.95 lunch special or soup, rice and main dish, with soup choices that some of us non-Chinese may prefer (hot and sour, chicken egg drop). If you care about the bathroom, Amazing 66 edges out Fuleen Seafood.

        At Fuleen my favorite dish is braised sea bass in casserole. Amazing 66 makes a similar dish, but it may be with different fish.

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          The soup we were served was not as you described at all - perhaps they've gotten the message. The service was fine when we were there. Thanks for the suggestion!!

        2. Not grapefruit - it's pineapple!! I just noticed the error.

          1. I was there last night for dinner. Got the geoduck prepared two ways, crab with ginger and scallions and the lamb casserole (which was not on the menu). The geoduck sashimi was very good, though probably presliced. It was nice to alternate the sashimi with the spicier fried geoduck. The crab with ginger and scallions was very good, though the sauce was darker than I would have liked. But, then again, I am spoiled with my in-laws who used to own a few Chinese restaurants. I wasn't too crazy about the lamb casserole. The waiter recommended it to me as he told me the lamb was fresh. I just found the sauce kind of bland with hints of star anise. It was not light, nor it was assertively spiced. It was just kind of in between. I didn't know what to make of the dish. We finished the geoduck but took most of the casserole and half the crab home. It was a ton of food. Overall, a very good experience but I'll order differently next time.