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Oct 11, 2007 09:46 AM

Bologna Restaurants

We're looking for Bologna dinner recommendations. Last night we were horribly disappointed by Pappagallo (should have known to go to the board and read some of the reviews -- but at least we were amused by the tip lines, the cover charge and the waiters who pretended we didn't exist). Locals have said Luciano and we've heard about Cesarina and Diana.

Also, is it worth the drive to go to San Domenico? We're here for a couple of days. Thx. Looking forward to sharing notes.

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  1. Try Trattoria da Boni for traditional Bolognese cooking.

    Otherwise, do a "Search this board" search for Bologna. There have been several posts on dining on Bologna made here over the past 6-12 months. They should be helpful.

    1. One of our favorites was Antica Trattoria Romagnola. Had to taxi as it was out of the mainstream, but well worth it.

      1. Its been to many years but Trattoria Anna Maria was wonderful. Tripe and lasagna.