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Oct 11, 2007 09:17 AM

Has Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmare" helped LI?

So, has Mixing Bowl and Seascape improved after Gordon Ramsay's help on "Kitchen Nightmare"? My wife and I had tried Mixing Bowl previously...but never Seascape. We're planning on giving Mixing Bowl another try with it's improvements. Is it worth it? And, what about Seascape?

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  1. I was talking to my husband about this last night and we both said that we'd never go to any place that has been on Kitchen Nightmares. Only because we feel that they are set in their ways and it will happen again. Not to mention, last night, at the end of the show it said they sold the Seascape 5 months later. Soem of the kitchens in that show are absolutely horrendous. The food is rotting in most of them (but the Mixing Bowl I believe). Why won't they do it again and serve that food to their customers?

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      they should call that show Long Island Nightmares. Although I feel alot of it set up I feel it totally proves the stereo-type of what most people think about that island. I mean in the first episode you had the owners bookie (who they said was a 'bill collector') comeing to collect (i heard from someone who lives in Babylon that is known that family is mobbed up). Where the hell are the health inspectors out there?

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        Your right...I work in TV...a lot is set up. Rotten food...fights among employees, ect.. In fact, the one episode based in NYC, is suing the production company for using actors as guests and bringing in rotten food. Anyway, I was hoping Mixing Bowl would turn around.

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          i wonder if the bookie ever got his $ money from the juice-head mobster that owns that place Peter's on the first episode? LOL.

    2. Could it be that these filthy LI restaurants were staged or is it true that LI health inspectors are slackers?

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        The filthy LI restaurants, assuming they're not staged, are all in Suffolk. I know people in the Nassau DoH, and they're not slackers. Nassau and Suffolk take different tacks: Suffolk is very aggressive about fining and being low-tolerance, while Nassau aims at educating the restauranteurs in order to end the more avoidable problems. Suffolk's record (i.e., rate of food-borne illness) is certainly no better than Nassau's, but both are among the lower per-capita in the nation.

        I'm familiar with the restaurants, and with business owners in the area, and I'm certain that the producers/Fox are full of it. On the episode about the Mixing Bowl, that whole thing that there were four restaurants in the area 10 years ago and 41 now? Ramsay said the area "really became built up." It's friggin' Merrick Road in Bellmore!!! What, there were farms there 10 years ago? C'mon: it always WAS built up. The people in know in the Health Dep't checked their own records, and found a difference of FOUR restaurants between then and now.

      2. I had lunch at the Mixing Bowl a few days after the show aired. One of my friends had had dinner the weekend before and said she had a terriffic meal.

        My experience was mostly good. The salad nicoise was pretty good. The service was adequate too. My only complaint was that it was too expensive. Maybe I'm cheap, but salad nicoise for $16, for lunch in a un-luxurious restaurant is a bit much for me.

        1. So I wonder if Ramsay gets a piece of the business after he turns the place around? And do the customers who show up there get a free meal? They just did a place in Tuckahoe (Westchester County) last week. They had the mayor of Yonkers show up and made it seem like he was the local town's mayor -- but he wasn't!