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Apr 8, 2006 07:16 PM

Dim Sum

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Looking for great affordable dim sum in San Fransisco, location not picky about just looking to have a good lunch on a monday in april.


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  1. We just had an update on one of the best bargain dim sum places in town: Golden River on Geary. Not as cheap as some of the places in Chinatown, but the best for fresh, cooked to order dim sum.


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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      On Sundays we love Lychee Garden on Powell St.

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        I really like Golden River. Quite tasty and the lines aren't as bad as most places. Only two bad, (1) it can get a little chaotic (noise) and (2) parking can be tough to find close.

      2. Another thread from a couple of days ago.


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          In Chinatown best choices would be Gold Mountain, Great Eastern and Louie's California.

        2. yea golden river is a chinese local favorite. very cheap, pretty good.

          1. We are planning to drive to San Fransisco this week; I'm looking for good dim sum. The most recent postings here are from early last year. Is there anyone out there who might have more recent recommendations? Thanks

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              Here's the search for dim sum in san francisco sorted by most recent date instead of score. As you can see, the topic comes up constantly and more recently than that.

            2. I just tried to access the link Melanie provided but couldn't do so.

              What can I do?


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                Worked for me. But she described how she generated it: she searched the board for "dim sum" and then at the top of the results she chose "sort by date."