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No More Wine @ Cuvee on Robertson

Went for dinner there the other night, and while the place is still stocked from floor to ceiling with bottles of wine, I was told that I could no longer order by the glass, or consume alcohol on the premises.

At first I just kind of accepted it, but then five minutes later, some lady comes in, and they give her a glass of white, no questions asked. I asked another employee what the deal was and she told me that just recently they had "changed their policy", and the woman who got her wine was a "friend of the owner", and could do whatever she wanted. i pressed her on why the policy was changed, and she said that it was because of "something really bad" and wouldn't elaborate any further than that.

so we sat there and ate our turkey burgers, while this woman was totally flaunting her glass of wine, making my wife and i feel like shmucks. we totally didn't appreciate the vibe in the place.

so what's the deal with this preferential service? Anyone else have a similar experience. If they can no longer serve wine, they should at least put a sign out front saying so.

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  1. If they have lost their alcohol license, 1) they really should change their name to one that no longer references wine, and 2) even if the woman was a friend of the owner, I doubt that woman with the glass of wine "could do whatever she wanted." I'm not an expert on liquor licenses, but I imagine if a restaurant has had its beer and wine license pulled - especially for "something really bad" (serving alcohol to minors immediately comes to mind) - they most likely are barred from serving under any circumstances, and a report of that incident would probably bring strong repercussions to the establishment.

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      Sounds like a license violation to me as well, I'm guessing they cannot "sell" wine but if they "gave" a glass of wine to the woman that is a friend of the owner they didn't sell anything...maybe a loophole.

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        I would tend to think that it's a question of SERVING wine, whether it's paid for or not. The friend of the owner was still by definition a customer in the dining room, and should not have been served. Of course these rules vary from one jurisdiction to another, but I do know that under the strict letter of local law, establishments without valid licenses aren't supposed even to allow consumption on the premises, though as we know this is seldom observed.

    2. That's pretty ridiculous that a place called Cuvee would stop serving wine! They should at least put a notice somewhere so people know!

      1. it goes beyond posting a sign. as others have said, they really need to change the name if they no longer serve wine.

        i also think it's pretty irresponsible of the employees to go around telling customers that "something really bad" happened.

        1. Based on the info on the ABC website, seems like their liquor license is still "active":

          1. Just wanted to chime in that I used to like this place, but last couple of times I went in, I did not get a great vibe either. I would just stop going if I were you, after that experience - doesn't sound like its particularly worth it!

            1. About three years ago, at lunch, my husband and I had a rather unpleasant exchange with one of the owners -- the sister, as we called her -- and her conduct and words were so outrageous that we decided to never go there again. That was a huge decision - we were having lunch there two or three times a week, usually with my dad, so they lost what I thought was a lot of solid lunch business. Never there for dinner. She was so rude and stupid - over a $10 item -- and became hysterical and verbally abusive. It was almost as if she were possessed. Too bad. The brother was a great guy and we enjoyed the food. Never been back despite how convenient it is for us and how we enjoyed the food. Know nothing about this wine issue.

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                That is a silly way to lose $$$ on their part!

                Sounds like the place has a few internal problems - consistent with my observations and those of the original poster!!

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                  Also, after a bit I felt their food was a bit overpriced for what it was.

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                    Funny that you mention this. It's a husband and wife team that own the place. The wife is really nice as long as you stay on her good side. I crossed her once and she became a cruel and evil witch. She wouldn't even let me walk in front of her establishment without screaming insults at me from the patio. She definitely has some issues.

                  2. I can see a terrible trend starting here: The Lobster stops selling lobster because "something really bad" happened. Cut has to stop providing steakknives to patrons. Customers at Hurry Curry have to sit through a 45-minute mandatory wait...

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                      LOL - you had me there for a moment. I almost posted "What?? I didn't hear that The Lobster stopped serving lobster!"