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Oct 11, 2007 08:53 AM

Rice cookers - Tiger or Zojirushi?

I currently use the stove top method but thought it is worth trying a rice cooker.
Any idea which stores in the Toronto area have a decent selection?


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  1. I noticed Tap Phong has a lot of rice cookers, at I assume a good price. Not familar with brands and rice cookers in general though.

    1. Neo home on Spadina north of queen, T&T but i'm not sure about who has the best prices. for the past 3 yrs i have a 5 cup panasonic with fuzzy logic that's been great. i got mine on sale and with a manufacturer's coupon from neo home.

      1. We've had a mid-sized Tiger for over 15 years, use it a couple of times a month and it still performs like new. We have cooked many types of rice and once we learned how to adjust the liquid for each type of rice, it makes perfect rice every time. (ok, sometimes when we use stock there will be a bit of sediment-only a bit-at the bottom).

        So obviously my first choice would be Tiger. Actually don't know how we'd get along without it now.

        1. I have had a National brand rice cooked for nearly 25 years. Use it 2 or 3 times a week and have never had a problem with it. That's nearly 3000 batches of rice folks.Don 't know if they still make them. Very simple operation--on/off switch that automatically shuts off when rice is cooked and holds warm for up to 3 hours

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            I have a national as well - it has served me well. I haven't had it that long - about 7 years. It's so very reliable. Although I secretly hope it breaks down so I can upgrade to a Zojirushi

            1. re: Apple

              I guess this post was bumped after almost 7 years! My national is still holding on - but when cooking brown rice, bubbles all over the side. (making a case for my zojirushi!)

          2. Go with the elephant if you can afford it. Panasonic/National is also good. Go to your larger Asian supermarkets such as T&T.