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Oct 11, 2007 08:48 AM

Best places for Soup in Queens

Looking for some really good places for a variety of soups. Is there anything like that around here or Brooklyn. A good french onion place would be nice too.

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  1. I dunno if it's what you have in mind but...

    1) Most Colombian or Ecuadorean restaurants have good soups which change daily and are often big enough for a meal.

    2) Chinese restaurants in Flushing have great soups. The malls at 41-82 and 41-28 Main Street also have good soups from places like Sichuan, Xi'an and Guizhou.

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    1. re: Brian S

      Brian, I completely agree with the Columbian restaurants for soup. I like La Boina Roja (two locations). Soup specials are $5.95 which include a large container of soup, rice, salad and maduros. I'll mention a few: tripe, oxtail, beef short rib, plantain, fish ($6.95), meatballs and chicken. This is a hearty meal at a bargain price. They also have Cream Soups (asparagus, mushroom, corn, chicken and shrimp). What are you waiting for. Head for La Boina Roja I or II.

      1. re: Mike V

        Yeah that's another thing about the Colombian soups. They are great bargains. They may be the cheapest thing in the restaurant... and they sometimes are the best.

        I used to go to Boina Roja when it first opened. They had great steaks but they usually overcooked them. (Not a problem for anyone who doesn't want very rare.)

        1. re: Brian S

          Thanks for the reply but I was looking more for a place that had a variety of traditional soups. Similar to the places that you find in the city.

    2. There isn't really a version of Daily Soup, or Hale and Hearty in Queens if that's what you're after--exclusive soups.....however, Panera is supposed to open in LIC and they actually have a decent onion soup that they serve in a bread bowl. For great Matzoh Ball soup head to Knish Nosh on Queens Blvd in Rego Park/Forest hills Area--they have some other soups as well.........La Tavernetta in Glendale makes an excellent Tortelloni soup as well...Also the Bukharian restaurants have some good soups, as well....but alas, not an all soup destination...I think Hale and Hearty would do great on Austin Street...

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      1. re: janie

        i think those soup places in the city are overpriced and not very good, anyway. of course, they are plentiful and can satisfy a soup craving.

        however, this is queens! you'll have to be a little bit more inventive, creative and be willing to try different variations of "soup".

        there's soup dumplings at joe's shanghai. or shabu shabu at minni's in flushing.

        i'm a huge fan of suhl lung tahng, the korean oxtail soup - beats any soup any day, imo. the best place is in the city - gam mi oak - but places like woo chun and the likes have their own versions as well.

        have you tried jook? it's korean porridge - a sort of rice soup/porridge mixed with various ingredients (like meat and veggies). there's a jook place on northern in flushing/bayside, i believe it's called bon jook or something.

        and if you must, i have seen french onion soup at cafe henri and tournesol. heck, i've even seen it at diners like georgia peach and it didn't seem all that bad there.

        1. re: janie

          Until a year or two ago there was a place called Soupcon on Austin Street. Not a chain, run by a guy with a restaurant in Nassau or Suffolk. FABULOUS soups made in the back, not at some commisary miles away, served with choice of artisan bread on the side. They also did some funky wraps and sandwiches, had some good baked stuff and salads. You could taste the quality of their ingredients in the products. Unfortunately, you have to sell a lot of soup to make rent around here and I don't think most people were willing to pay their prices every day for lunch at work in Queens, so they closed and I think it turned into a Wells Fargo mortgage center. Everything else around here for lunch is so boring. The big excitement for me lately is the Halal cart on Continental Avenue. What's in that white sauce, anyway?

          1. re: Shayna Madel

            My husband used to eat lunch there alot, and liked it, ---not sure if the Cuban spot down the street has soup or not...