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Oct 11, 2007 08:45 AM

Jewish deli in mid-Hudson Valley

ARE there any? It dawned on me that in all the years I've lived here, I've never encountered one. (By "mid-Hudson", I mean north of Westchester and Rockland).

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  1. Blooms in Yorktown Heights still westchester but on put border.

    Pretty good......pretty,pretty good

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      I may get zapped by the mods but as another "curbie" your post made me laugh. The theme is my cell phone ring tone.

      1. re: laylag

        long live LD...but where is the decent pasrami?

        1. re: corky

          Well, outside of major metros these delis would be hard to find anywhere in the US. You do have enclaves: Monroe, NY. Sullivan County is loaded with them. And there are 1 or 2 in the Albany area... That's about it...

          1. re: menton1

            Menton, there are lots of Hassidics and other utlra orthodox sects in Monroe but I'm not sure that translates to great Jewish/kosher delis. If you know of any, where are they? My sister has a weekend place in Barryville and she's not mentioned anything near there.

          2. re: corky

            Not in the mid-hudson I don't think. Got to make a trip down to the city imo although even those are dwindling away.

            For the OP, even further awayfrom then is Kisco Kosher's (WP) but if Bloom's is good that's probably the closest good option.

            1. re: laylag

              I've been to Bloom's once and I enjoyed it, although it's kind of a haul from where I live (Ulster County).

              It's true that good old-fashioned Jewish delis/restaurants are getting harder to find even in the city. I guess this is not hard to understand, with the old-guard Ashkenazic Jewish population dying off or moving away. (Have Jewish delis been popping up in Florida, I wonder).

              I'm a vegetarian and I'm not even Jewish (although I love milchig places like B&H in the East Village, and I can enjoy knishes and whatnot in a fleischig place). This has just been on my mind lately because my Dad was telling me how he misses the pastrami sandwiches he used to get on Queens Blvd. back in the '60s. I thought it'd be fun to take him out to a good deli if I could find any in the area, but Westchester is too far.

      2. I have lived in Chappaqua for 13 years, and with the exception of Blooms when they first opened (no longer) I have yet to find a CB sandwich that rivals that of a NYC deli (ie. Sarges, Bergers). Mt Kisco deli was mediocre at best when it was open. It was too dirty inside to eat had to take out. The Garden of Eden in Chappaqua lasted all of 16 was a sad situation in a town that could easily support it. My only hope is that one of the existing delis puts in a steam table that would accomodate some brisket and CB..................................

        1. It's more like Lower Hudson but... There's a Jewish/Kosher Deli in New City. I've been there only one time. The pastrami was ok, the pickles were very good, the latkes were ok. It’s nothing to drive out of the way for. Definitely good enough to satisfy a deli fix if you need to.