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Buffalo Wild Wings

A branch of Buffalo Wild Wings will soon open at our local mall. I was just curious to know if there was a really tasty not to be missed dish? Looking at the menu, nothing stands out as extraordinary, but you never know...

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  1. No, food's an afterthought at b-dub's. Decent place to watch a basketball game, too crowded for football.

    1. We go to play the trivia and have some decent wings. Not anything special, but it can be a fun place to hang out with friends.

      1. Tiny wings (half the weight of competitors).
        High prices.
        Charge 0.50-1.00 for EVERYTHING - sauce, celery, etc ...
        Have to beg for napkins, plasticware, etc.

        Too many better competitors.

        1. I think it's a fun place to go. I'm a huge fan of boneless Thursdays. Some medium-sauced boneless wings + buffalo chips + a Blue moon + trivia game = hell of a time! Mmm....

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            What's the trivia game people are mentioning?

            1. re: michele cindy

              They have monitors throughout the restaurants that are connected by a network on which they broadcast a trivia game. You can ask your server for a keypad to play, and you compete against other players in the restaurant and in their other locations to see who can earn the most points by answering the questions correctly the fastest. I hope that made sense. I like it because you can compete with the people at your table while you are also competing against other players in the room.

              1. re: Velvet Elvis

                Exactly. It's very very addicting! They have similar games at places like Damon's steakhouse too.

          2. Boneless Thursday (.50 boneless wings), my fav local beer and NTN network trivia makes for a fun night. Their chicken wraps are pretty good, too.

            1. I've eaten there several times, but I stopped because their hotter sauces all have a harsh flavor, a clear sign of capsaicin extracts rather than real natural peppers. In other words, their sauces are cheap junk. The mango habanero is the worst - it has an incredibly artificial flavor, as if it's nothing but corn syrup, mango flavoring, and capsaicin extract, without a real ingredient in sight.

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                there hottest sauce has plenty of heat, but it has terrible flavor. when i go, i opt for their #2 sauce.

                the best things about bww are the beer selection and the big screen tv's. for chain wings, i prefer hooters.

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                  I've tried their hottest sauce. That terrible flavor is almost certainly capsaicin extract. The cheap way to up the heat, but the flavor is harsh or even bitter, and the hotter the extract the harsher the flavor. Chain wing sauces rarely use real peppers, it seems.

              2. I prefer Wingstop for chain wings. The oh so yum lemon pepper and garlic parm wings are the best, but the Asian Zing at BWW is decent. Sweet and spicy.

                1. Teeny tiny wings with no meat. Chemical-tasting sauces. Poor service. Pretty damn smokey, too.

                  Like the NTN trivia, though.

                  1. Probably worth checking out for yourself since it's close. Not bad to watch a sporting event at but over all, don't go there JUST for the food. It's not that good.


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                      I think their food is awful. Every time I've eaten there, I've never had anything good.

                      Oh, and they do the NTN game at most Damon's and some Friday's, if you're looking for somewhere else to play. I used to play that all the time!

                    2. I like their wings well enough that I am a semi-regular on Tuesdays when they have 35 cent wing day, and occasionally Wednesdays for 50 cent leg day (It would appear that this is not universal BWW practice). The Hot sauce (currently their third level of heat) is my own favourite, and I like whatever bleu cheese dressing it is that they use. They used to have a smoky southwestern sauce that apparently only my wife liked because it has been discontinued. I have only eaten in a few times, preferring to carry out. I like trivia just fine, but sports on TV do nothing for me.

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                        Wing Tuesdays are huge at the one in Tallahassee. They have to put ropes outside to accomodate the lines. It is crazy. There wings are okay. I like that they are not battered but wish they served them grilled as well. Gator's dockside is my favorite wing place.

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                          >>(It would appear that this is not universal BWW practice).

                          Yeah, I also initially thought this was universal and being a broke college student, I became a regular because of the 50 cent leg special. That's about the only reason to go there, the food's nothing amazing, but at that price I won't complain.

                          However I've stopped going since the one in Plano, TX has stopped doing the 50 cent leg on weds promo, and I'm sad to see that they even upped the price for 35 cent wings on tues to 50 cent wings.

                        2. These are HUGE here in the Midwest, it seems.
                          I cannot stand their buffalo chips - always soggy, tasteless. The wings are a bit too pungent for me - too much vinegar for my taste.
                          the ones in KC don't do beer pitchers, which is annoying if you are going w/ friends for trivia, sports, etc.
                          I guess i have never been too impressed either! yes - and it's a nickel & dime kind of place.
                          If they didn't have trivia, I would not go ever!

                          1. Yes, with a qualifier, the Caribbean Jerk Wings are the best. Beer is good.

                            1. I like the naked tenders, basically grilled skewered chicken with your choice of dipping sauce. The blackened chicken salad is not terrible either. I get it sans cheese sans dressing. Not my favorite place as I am not a huge fan of beer or sports, but it can be a fun environment if you're with the right group of people.

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                                I really want to like the naked tenders because I know they're the "heathiest" thing on the menu but every time I've ordered them (twice), they've been grilled to death.

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                                  Haven't tried the place yet.There's one next to the Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse
                                  in Live Oak.It seems to get customers.I think I'll try Wing Stop first.
                                  Maybe I'll just buy sme wings and make my own.

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                                    My DH and I used to play NTN at Live Oak location. Food not so hot, we always stop at Wing Stop on Pat Booker to take wings home afterwards. Great lemon pepper wings!

                              2. I finally decided to give this place a try. A huge mistake. I sat at the bar. The place was not very crowded. I ordered the "special" of the night 6 boneless wings .30 each and a pint of guiness $3.00 special. About 30 min. later I was given 6 tiny blobs of cold chicken coated in a gummy chemical flavored spicy paste. I took one bite and sent them back, they were so cold. About 20 min. goes by, I then get my "new" order, this time rather then 6 they give me 4 blobs that looked like exactly like the 6 I had before and they obviously just nuked the ones I sent back. (the reason I know this is there was one in the original batch with 1/2 the coating on it. This same one was in the new batch). These were hot, but there were only 4, I ordered 6. I spoke with the bartender and she was going to go back to the kitchen to speak with the cook, + the manager came over. At this point I knew I had to leave. They removed the wings from my bill, didn't charge me for the celery I ate while I was waiting. The whole experience was so annoying, if I were the manager I would have given the pint on the house too in hopes of gettting me back in the door again. I've had better chicken nuggets at McDonalds! If your going to name your restaurant buffalo wild wings, you better be sure your signature dish of wings are great. After this, I went to the cheesecake factory for an order of buffalo blasts which were crisp and tasty. The service was friendly and attentive.