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Oct 11, 2007 08:31 AM

Buffalo Wild Wings

A branch of Buffalo Wild Wings will soon open at our local mall. I was just curious to know if there was a really tasty not to be missed dish? Looking at the menu, nothing stands out as extraordinary, but you never know...

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  1. No, food's an afterthought at b-dub's. Decent place to watch a basketball game, too crowded for football.

    1. We go to play the trivia and have some decent wings. Not anything special, but it can be a fun place to hang out with friends.

      1. Tiny wings (half the weight of competitors).
        High prices.
        Charge 0.50-1.00 for EVERYTHING - sauce, celery, etc ...
        Have to beg for napkins, plasticware, etc.

        Too many better competitors.

        1. I think it's a fun place to go. I'm a huge fan of boneless Thursdays. Some medium-sauced boneless wings + buffalo chips + a Blue moon + trivia game = hell of a time! Mmm....

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          1. re: Chew on That

            What's the trivia game people are mentioning?

            1. re: michele cindy

              They have monitors throughout the restaurants that are connected by a network on which they broadcast a trivia game. You can ask your server for a keypad to play, and you compete against other players in the restaurant and in their other locations to see who can earn the most points by answering the questions correctly the fastest. I hope that made sense. I like it because you can compete with the people at your table while you are also competing against other players in the room.

              1. re: Velvet Elvis

                Exactly. It's very very addicting! They have similar games at places like Damon's steakhouse too.

          2. Boneless Thursday (.50 boneless wings), my fav local beer and NTN network trivia makes for a fun night. Their chicken wraps are pretty good, too.