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Oct 11, 2007 08:12 AM

Private dining room lunch in Arlington

Looking for the near impossible: In Arlington (near the Hyatt on Wilson Blvd.) Need a private dining room for 15 people for lunch (here's the kicker) with the menu price at $25/head for food and gratuity. Help, please!

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  1. Not sure where the Hyatt is exactly but you could try Boulevard Woogrill in Clarendon.

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    1. re: jaydreb

      That's exactly what I'm looking at... have you eaten there? Think it's nice enough to use as a welcome lunch / program opening with a keynote speaker for a business lunch? Or is it just a lunch joint for coworkers?

      1. re: LJ123

        I've eaten at the restaurant many times, but never been in the private dining room. The restaurant is casual and the food is pretty decent; if it's an important meeting you might want to swing by first to see if it's suitable.

        Tallula would also be another good option if the price is right.

    2. Willow in Ballston offers private dining. food reviews on this board have been mixed. good luck

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        Their lunch menus start at $35... thanks for the help!

      2. I think that Ragtime on Courhouse would be able to do something for you in their back room. It's a little big for 15 people but they might swing it for you. Also, I'm willing to bet Eleventh Street would do something for you downstairs (even though they don't normally open that during the day). Tallula might also be an option if it's not too far.

        1. You've had some good suggestions, but all are a Metro or cab ride from the Hyatt, where I assume your meeting is being held. 15 isn't a very large crowd, but you might not want to herd that many cats.

          Does Tom Sarris' Orleans House have a private room? It's not great, but it's OK and they move large volumes of food for cheap.