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Oct 11, 2007 07:48 AM

White Castle in south NJ/Philly region?

Just curious, I've never been there but I watched the Harold and Kumar movie last week and now I kind of want to try it. There used to be a couple abandoned White Castles near me, but they've been demolished. I don't recall seeing any, and I can't get on their website to use the store locator. I'm actually near Cherry Hill (their destination in the film) but I somehow doubt the film was based on strict accuracy.

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  1. I just checked their Web site and there are no locations in Pennsylvania. Most of the locations in NJ seem to be North Jersey. I'm not sure how far Toms River is from Cherry Hill but that looked like the closest one.

    1. The geography in Harold and Kumar is all over the place! My friend who lives in your area says there aren't any White Castles in their area-.your best bet is probably the one in Toms River, or in New Brunswick- you could probably take the turnpike all the way up the bruns.

      1. White Castle to me is like Krispy Kreme - something you would like to have maybe once or twice a year, but hardly more frequently. The burgers don't have a lot of condiments, and there's a very low meat-to-bun ratio, but they're so friggin' cute. Fries are OK. In the mid-West, a lot of their locations are paired with Church's Chicken, which is by far my family's favourite fried chicken. We normally ordered 1 or 2 burgers each, and a piece of chicken with some fries and coleslaw. Made a nice road trip lunch.