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Oct 11, 2007 07:47 AM

Bucks Co. restaurant with good food & atmosphere

Want to go out this weekend with hubby for a nice dinner. Live in NJ just across the river from Yardley. Looking for a nice place with relaxing atmosphere and good food. Entertainment would be a plus! We enjoy all types of cuisine. Don't want to travel too far from home, maybe a 10 mile radius. Would appreciate any suggestions from fellow chowhounds! Thanks

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  1. While I don't get up to Bucks cty too often, there is a good sport's bar with decent food and live music on Friday and Saturday nights. DA Bar in Levittown. The bands play mostly cover stuff but it's fun and you can get out and dance if you want or just watch the games. They use to do country line dancing on Wednesday nights. I'd call first and see who they are having.

    215) 547-5525
    8919 New Falls Rd Ste 5, Levittown, PA

    1. If you want a really good French restaurant, La Bonne Auberge in New Hope is beautiful and has good food, but it's pricey!

      1. Not far from you is Bowman's Tavern, on Taylorsville Road between Washington Crossing and New Hope. Cross the river at Washington Crossing, right on Taylorsville, about 5 minutes on right. Good food, nice bar, and I think they have a piano player on weekends. I like it there; hope you do, too!

        1. The Yardley Inn is a nice choice for Bucks County. Decent wine list, fun bar area, and a solid menu.

          1. MT17, we must live right by you! We have had a hard time finding nice places to eat in Bucks Cty, but have enjoyed some things in New Hope area, and would recommend Lambertville. In New Hope, Phillips Mill has been good (long time ago, though) and La Bonne Auberge was great the last two times we went - also a while ago. We go to Lambertville frequently, usually to No. 9 (very good food, friendly waiters, although not quiet really), Hamilton Grill (reliably good food, avg desserts), and most recently Manon (quite good good, okay service, but very cozy atmosphere.) We have tried the Yardley Inn several times, and have given up there. We tried 552 on way to Newtown, and it was fine, but not worth the price, in my opinion. Let me know if you find something interesting!

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              Update: Restaurant 552 has gone out of business. Closed as of 3/16/08.