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New and interesting on the Shoreline (CT)?

I'm looking for an excuse to drive out to Guilford/Madison/Old Saybrook and try a new restaurant, any recommendations?

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  1. toward new haven? Middletown or new london?

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      Not as far as New London, closer to New Haven if possible. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

    2. I found a new place or at least a nearly new place in Madison ,I will post the website,along with some updated reviews, and you can decide on this place yourselfs.
      http://madisondining.com/blog/?p=24 I can give you the name of a good site to check to find places to eat in Ct. Called (chowbaby.com) and you type in your town or the name of the restaurant. Hope this might help you , Earle

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        FYI-- this is a website for Madison Wisconsin. Not CT.

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          Sorry about that!

      2. How about Liv's Oyster in Old Saybrook. Relatively new and very nice.

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          Thanks, sounds great.

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            here's the link-- and we are close to peak leaves!

        2. I saw this in the New Haven Register today. She gave it a good review. Rich

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            Gabrielle's is not new, it has been around for a few years, but it is good.