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Oct 11, 2007 07:13 AM

2007 Thanksgiving

Is Georgia Brown's offering take-away pre-cooked turkey again this year? I looked on their website and left a message with them, but have not found any info on ordering. Also, any new suggestions for restaurants offering great pre-cooked turkey and interesting sides to take home?

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  1. Not exactly what you are looking for but there is currently a thread about where to go for Thanksgiving dinner at local restaurants. Perhaps you can give some of these places a call to see if they are doing take-out orders:

    1. Just called GB's. They will be doing take away (HOORAY!), and the menu should be out by the end of next week.

      After volunteering to deliver meals with Food and Friends on Thanksgiving morning, we found that GB's is a great way to have a fab meal with minimal effort. We ordered from them last year as well. My quick review is here:

      1. Just wanted to say that Georgia Brown's sent me an email to say their Thanksgiving menu is FINALLY avaliable online!

        1. The Mandarin Oriental of all places! And the price ain't bad. Mo to Go meals will feed up to 10 persons and range in price from $180 to $250. The turkey dinner comes with things like mushroom and winter truffle ragout, sautéed brussels sprouts, herb-roasted parsnips, apple and almond frangipani tart, etc. 202-787-6868. They have prime rib and ham dinners too.

          1. Hey Hounds, does anyone know where I can find a complete list of restaurants that are going to be serving Thanksgiving dinner. We are looking in the 45-65 dollar price range. The closest to a list I can find is at opentable. Any help would be appreciated.

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              Not going to need a list. We just booked The Oval Room.

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                If others need a list as a starting place, the Washington Times had this article on Fall restaurant menus a few weeks ago which included some regular and non-traditional offerings for Thanksgiving Day. The list is toward the end of the article.

                Rasika and Bombay Club are offering Indian versions of turkey dinners and Café Milano has an Italian style feast that has pumpkin gnocchi in sage butter sauce. Hold the Ocean Spray cranberries, please!