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Prix Fix at EMP?

I just called to make a reservation at EMP and was told "dinner is now a price fixed menu, $82.00 pp". Any reason for the change, and is this a reason to go elsewhere's in our late Oct visit to NY?

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  1. Were you looking for a la carte?

    1. A lot of the higher end restaurants are only price fixed now. Doesn't say anything about the quality. I think it's to ensure that diners will order the full three courses. Prix fixe doesn't mean lack of choice, though, if that's what you're getting at.

      1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but that sounds like a pretty good deal. Be careful with the wine and you should get out alive. Mostly positive reviews of EMP here (RGR will chime up soon) and I was impressed with the food and the experience even though I tend to gravitate to a different style. Keep the reservation, you'll enjoy it.

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          It's a very good deal! We recently did a four course at EMP and loved everything.

          I'm not really understanding the complaint though...is it the price? Or the fact that it's a prix fixe? There are several options for each course. This shouldn't be confused with a chef's tasting menu which is usually set in stone.

        2. Unless you are eating at the bar; EMP has been Prix Fixed for at least a year. They have a 3 course, a 4 course option where you get to more or less select what you are having. They also have a 15 course chefs tasting menus (you have no choice).

          I opted for the four course and given the additional amuses etc, it is one of the best "deals" in the city.

          1. I'm not complaining, just surprised cause she said it was a change, like they didn't do it before. I just wanted to know what the rest of you thought. Maybe it was just the way she worded it. I'll keep the reservation.

            1. When Chef Daniel Humm arrived early last year, they dispensed with the a la carte menu at dinner and installed prix-fixes. At that time, they offered a 3-course prix-fixe and three different 6-course tasting menus. Over time, they gradually kept re-configuring the menus and the costs until settling, at least for now, on the current options. This is in keeping with EMP's rise to a much higher culinary level and matches the way dinner menus are configured in many other upscale restaurants; for example, at Daniel, the basic 3-course prix-fixe is $98, and at Le Bernardin, it's $107.

              As has been mentioned, I'm a huge fan of EMP and definitely think $82 is a steal for cuisine of such exquiteness.

              Btw, EMP still offers an a la carte menu at lunch and brunch.

              You can see all the current menus on their website: http://www.elevenmadisonpark.com

              Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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                How do they handle it if you are not a dessert person?
                Can you pick 2 from appetizers instead or what?

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                  I'm not certain but you may be able to have cheese instead of a sweet. They're very accommodating regarding dietary issues, etc. If you are considering dining there, you should call and ask.

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                    you can definitely do the cheese plate for dessert - went last monday - my partner got the cheese plate - delicious - i of course opted for the rich chocolate dessert - forgot what it was called - the waiter told me it was rich - i should have listened - a little too rich for my taste - closer to a candy bar - but really all in all - loved it. without doubt one of the best meals we have had this year in ny - outstanding!

              2. I'm going to EMP for the first time next weekend and also had a question about the price fixed menu. The menu itself appears to be divided into 4 parts: Appetizer, Fish, Meat,and Dessert. If I get the 4 course, does that mean I can choose one appetizer, one fish, one meat, and one dessert? Or do you get an extra appetizer? Basically, what are the "rules" governing that extra course?

                Also, somewhat off subject, does anyone have any wine recommendations at EMP in the $100+/- range? I am leaning towards a Pinot Noir, but the wine list is extensive and I'm always happy to try something new. I'll certainly ask the sommelier, but wouldn't mind a little direction prior.


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                  Don't know if it is still on the list, but we were pleased with this rec:


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                    Hey, ericd74,

                    If you get the 4-course prix-fixe, you choose 3 savory dishes + 1 sweet. So, you can choose one each from the appetizer, fish and meat menus. Or you can choose 1 from the apps. + 2 meats. Or whatever other combination you prefer. Whichever way you go, I urge you not to miss Chef Humm's signature duck for two. Sensational!

                    I can't help you with your wine question because I don't drink, and my husband always does wine pairings. If you want to go that route, they do an excellent job. But you can also not go wrong by enlisting the advice of the sommelier for a bottle.

                    Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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                      Sorry to highjack this thread, but can you tell me what you would get if you were not budget constrainted at EMP - besides the duck of course...

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                        Actually ericd74--when I went and tried to order 1 app and two meats (instead of a fish) I was told there would be an extra charge for that. Since non of the fish dishes appealed we switched to the 3-course and had an excellent meal. I agree with RGR--the duck is sensational.

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                          Thanks for the quick replies everyone! I couldn't be a bigger fan of duck, but my dining partner is lukewarm on it and, since it's for her birthday, we'll probably have to abstain. Any other can't miss items? Other threads tout the suckling pig, and i will say that looks fantastic, though i have a hard time passing up good lamb.

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                            In the apps category, if you like foie gras, Chef Humm's layered torchons are of the died-and-gone-to-heaven variety. He also has a way with beets, and the plating is always architecturally striking.

                            My husband had the beef with bone marrow crust at lunch a few weeks ago and could not hide his enthusiasm. I think the operative word here is "swooning!" lol The beef on the dinner menu sounds a bit different, but I'll bet it's just as wonderful. I adore lamb and have had different preparations over time, though I've not yet had the current one on the dinner menu. All have been excellent.

                            There is a new pastry chef. Her desserts are seriously delicious and the perfect complement to Chef Humm's cuisine. I don't know if the fantasy of figs is still on the menu, but if it is, go for it! Also extraordinary is the plum clafouti.

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                            I didn't have to pay extra for the 2 meat courses when I ordered the 4 courses option. However, I don't know if it had anything to do with the fact that I ordered the duck for 2, and so they didn't care about what the other course you picked (as the duck could have been counted as the meat course of my friend).

                      2. Hope you enjoy your meal. I clicked onto the menu while reading this thread and want to go. Soon. I agree that the price seems reasonable for Manhattan. I chuckled when I saw your name, as my siblings and I used to (affectionately) call our father the Bank of Dad.

                        1. In response to Ericd74 and a few other questions about wine.

                          If you have a REAL nice bottle at home EMP might (they did last november) still have a corking fee. It was $25 last year.

                          I took a bottle of Vintage Champagne that had been given to me as a gift and they were more than happy to accomodate. For the record I also had a wine by the class, a cocktail before and a after dinner drink.

                          However, it allowed me to have an even nicer meal, with a bottle of wine that I would not normally have had. Well worth the $25.