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Oct 11, 2007 06:47 AM

Manhattan Seltzer Delivery?

Back in the 70s, we had someone who delivered a case a week to our Manhattan apartment, along with a bottle of Fox's U-Bet, and picked up the empties. Chocolate egg-creams were an everyday thing for us. I miss those days. Does there still exist a business that regularly delivers seltzer in siphon bottles in Manhattan?

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  1. Yes. We just signed up for it a few weeks ago, and it's terrific. It's called New York Beverage Company, 718-401-7700. They use the old glass bottles and deliver a case of 10 at a time. It's $20 a case, plus $7 for delivery, $1 Manhattan surcharge. You have to pay a 1-time $80 glass deposit fee. Just call and say that you'd like to set up residential service as a new Manhattan customer.