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BYO - Middlesex/Monmouth

Does anyone have any suggestions for any BYOs in the area? I am not aware of all that many that are worthwhile and more and more have become frustrated by the beer selections at a lot of restaurants.

Im not really looking for anything in particular or any type of food and actually would like a variety of options. The only BYOs I really currently go to are El Meson in Freehold, Piquant Indian in New Brunswick, Perrones in East Brunswick, and a few other small family joints.


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  1. I like Luchento's in Millstone (on 33, right outside of Englishtown, off 527-Alt).
    http://www.luchentos.com/ Great bread, large portions, country Italian menu and a few Cajun/Creole choices, (altho' I'm sort of stuck on the Linguini and White Clam Sauce), great beer selection (from my own beer frig).

    1. Marmara on Rt. 9 in Marlboro for Turkish

      Le Fandy ~ Little Silver for French

      Pithera Taverna ~Highland Park for Greek

      If I think of more, I will post.


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      1. re: Angelina

        Funny you bring up Marmara.. Ive heard some good things and not so good. It is something that I had been meaning to try. I love Turkish and my favorite is Bosphurus in North Jersey but I trust your advice on this one. I really look forward to trying it out. Thanks.

        What is Pithera like? Authentic Greek? I havent found a Greek place in NJ that I like yet, I always do end up @ Kellari in the city.

        I cant wait to bring some quality lambics and stouts to these places and try them out. Thanks a lot for the suggestions. El Meson becomes less of a standby when summer ends.

        1. re: yankeefan

          If you look for other posts about Marmara, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. We really enjoyed every meal we have had there!

          Pithera is very much authentic Greek food. Not on the same caliber as Milos, but for our area...very good!!

          El Meson....yummmm!!

          1. re: Angelina

            Ive only been to Meson in summer months, is only the indoor section open during the cold months?

            Ill be there tonight for sure.

            1. re: yankeefan

              Sorry, this is late ..yes the inside is open and BOOMING!!!

              Love that place! I made a HUGE mistake and tried the new Mexican place right down the block. I think it is Mexico Lindo. Awful, the cheese on top of my dish smelled sour. Out of 6 of us, no one like their meal. I willl never stray from El Meson again!!

              1. re: Angelina

                I hit Meson last night, you were right. The inside was awesome. Put my brews in the ice chest and the food was just as delicious outside as it is inside.

                What a great place!! Thanks for the warning Angelina on the place down the street, I will be sure not to stray from El Meson. It definitely has taken its role as my Mexican fall-to over Casa Comida and Jose Tejas.

      2. Yankeefan
        Here are several in Monmouth and they are all excellent restaurants with great food:
        Cafe Solar - Belmar
        Vivas - Belmar
        Taka - Asbury Park
        Via Veneto - Brick
        Bay Avenue Trattoria - Highlands
        Tandoor India - Ocean & Longbranch
        Rigoletto - Middletown
        The Palm - Sea Bright

        Good luck,

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        1. re: bjsimmons

          bj - I think you meant Casa Solar in Belmar. :)

          1. re: bgut1

            Right you are - Casa Solar - Thanks...

          2. re: bjsimmons

            I am a new hound and have been actively exploring the site. I'm surprised that Rigoletto in Middletown has barely been mentioned. It's a nice little place owned by a local couple located just north of Restaurant Nicholas with excellent food. Try the Salmon in Maple Sauce- delish! As bjsimmons mentioned above, it's BYOB.

          3. Another vote for Drew's Bayshore Bistro. Great food!
            We had dinner at Le Fandy several months ago and we loved it.
            I've been to lunch at Bay Ave Trattoria a couple times and liked it.
            For Mexican, I like Acapulquenos in Long Branch.

            1. Eurasian Eatery-Monmouth St., Red Bank

              1. For me it depends on what I'm drinking.

                Soju & Sake: Fune (Ocean)
                Beer: Far East Taste (Eatontown)
                Wine: La Pastaria (Red Bank)

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                1. re: joonjoon

                  I forgot to mention: Attilio's in West Long Branch for italian. :)

                2. Seven Hills, Highland Park, Turkish
                  My Thai, Woodbridge, Thai
                  Any othe recs in the New Brunswick/Perth Amboy area?

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                    I agree, Briosos and Luchentos for Italian are my 2 favs, Briosos for a more refined Italian, and Luchentos for more hearty fare, but both wonderful!

                  2. My favorite is Brioso Ristorante on Route 9 in Marlboro. They have a huge menu. Always a nice selection of fish. Everything is delicious. We've been going there 2-3 times a month for years. We see the same people week after week, too.

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                    1. re: Pink Pepper

                      Did nobody mention Bistro Ole in Asbury, or Sister Sue's? Yes, Bistro is expensive (ask joonjoon), but worth almost every penny.

                    2. I agree with many of the postings but I think one is missing. Our regular weekly goto is Thai Thai on 516 in Old bridge. Very reasonable and the chow is awesome.

                      1. I soo love BYOB's and I have a few favs..
                        Vivas - Belmar (Latin/Med)
                        Brandl's-Belmar (mixed)
                        Ole- Asbury Park(Latin/Med)
                        Taka - Asbury Park (Japanese)
                        Latitude 40- Pt Pleasant (Seafood +)
                        Via Veneto - Brick (Italian)
                        Osaka at the Station- Bradley Beach (Sushi)
                        Lubrano's-Wall (Italian)

                        hope you enjoy!

                        1. Laila's in Asbury Park