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Oct 11, 2007 04:40 AM

Help with St. Petersburg - opinions needed!! [Moved from International board]

The Russia board seems to get no traffic, so I am posting here in hopes of some comments.

We are headed to St. Petersburg for 4 days later this month. We are looking at the following list and would love comments or suggestions for alternatives.

We are both adventurous eaters, however, I am 6 months pregnant and am not going to be able to take any chances with food this trip - hence not looking at true "chowhound-y" places. I already know that I'll have to be vigilant about water and avoid street food.

Dinner - we would like to eat Georgian food, wild game, and seafood at least once.

Kavkaz Bar (Georgian)
Lucky Shot (Game)
Restoran (Seafood and Traditional Russian)


Tea @ The Astoria
Park Giuseppe
Idiot (vegitarian)
Tinkoff (brew pub)

Any help would be appreciated - we have found this fairly difficult to research!

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    1. If you have a car or are willing to spring for a cab, I would recommend trading Tinkoff for
      "Russian Fishing".

      The fish ponds will likely be closed by the time you get there, but you can sit inside and enjoy some great meat entrees. They brew their own beer and have these absolutely amazing fried rye bread crisps. (They also have sushi, but I'd stay well away from that).

      I had an amazing time there this summer, although I have to admit, it felt a bit expensive even on my American budget.

      Also, I really didn't enjoy the food at the Idiot. The atmosphere was great but all the entrees seemed rather unimaginative. :(