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Oct 11, 2007 04:16 AM

175th and Broadway Saturday Night

I'm taking a date to see Van Morrison Saturday night at the United Palace Theatre. The show is at 7pm, and we're not going to have time to dine beforehand due to work, so we're planning to dine afterwards ... 10 pm? 11 pm? How long is that show gonna last?

Anyhow, thought it might be nice to eat in the neighborhood up there, of which I know know little to none. Suggestions? Within a 10 minute walk of the theatre.

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  1. I don't have any personal experiences, but remembered seeing this thread:

    A couple of other threads came up when I searched for "United Palace".

    1. Mambi was still open after i got out of the Stooges show there a few months back.

      1. About 15 years ago I and a girlfriend were wandering around this area and found what looked like a tiny takeout joint... but behind the takeout counter was a huge dining hall crammed with about 200 happy eaters downing food from El Salvador. I never could find it again... but Sietsema reviewed it this week!

        El Salvadoreno
        1229 St Nicolas Av (at 171 St),sie...

        1. On a Saturday at this hour, the neighborhood will be jumping- no need to worry. If you don't mind a (very) casual neighborhood atmosphere, try Malecon or El Conde for some churrasco with fried plantains and a banana batido... or, the roasted chicken at Malecon is fantastic. Both on opposite corners of B'way and 175th, across from the theatre. For something a bit more elegant (with great food), try Hispaniola on W 181st.

          1. You must must must go to El Malecon. It's a Dominican Restaurant and nothing fancy but I would swear that I am in my mother's kitchen. The food is very authentic and the price is right.
            Also the place is open very very late. My husband is NYPD and works the midnight shift and he and his partner go there often.
            I recommend the raost chicken or the pork mofongo washed down with an ice cold Presidente beer.

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              Malecon has quite possibly the best rotisserie chicken in the city.

              1. re: Peter Cherches

                Is Malecon worth the trip if I don't order the rotisserie chicken? I love those slow-cooked Dominican stews made with sofrito (chivo guisado... yum!) and I'd love to find another place besides Castillo de Jagua on Rivington that has them.