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Oct 10, 2007 11:00 PM

best of san diego??

I'm going to be there sunday what do I "NEED" to try?

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    1. re: Josh are quick. "need to try" : code word for Super Cocina in San Diego.

    2. Depends on what part of San Diego you're staying...

      Island Prime has a wonderful view of San Diego and some delicious food but pricey.

      Peohe's is on Coronado Island with a beautiful view and some good seafood dishes.

      Jakes in Del Mar is right on the beach with a California casual menu - consistently good food.

      Po Pazzo in Little Italy has been a new favorite.

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        1. re: AdamFoodie

          Super Cocina is a drive, but you won't find its like elsewhere.

          Point Loma is kind of limited in its options. Some decent food can be found there, but nothing that would be a "best" of San Diego.

        2. re: LisaSD

          the view from Mr. A's, IMO, beats the heck out of Island Prime

        3. "need" is kinda tough to respond to; what kind of food or atmosphere would you be interested in?

          1. AdamFoodie, if you are in Los Angeles, there is nothing in San Diego that you *must* try. The top of the line places are inferior to the ones in your city and the low priced ones are too. I like Super Cocina, but if someone had told me it was a *must* go to, I would be have been sorely disappointed.

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            1. re: donsd

              Really? That seems strange to me.

              The only way I can think of being disappointed by that place is if you're looking for things like ambience and fancy service (i.e. non-food concerns).

              The best stuff in SD, IMO, is far and away the ethnic offerings. Places like SC, Sakura, China Max, Ba Ren.

              1. re: donsd

                according to Irene Virbila of the LA Times, your premise about SD's top places being inferior to LA is without merit...

              2. I think you need to be a bit more specific on what you are looking for.. We could be all over the place on this one..

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                1. re: butterbutt

                  sorry guys. so yeah bascially we'll be in point loma for a concert but we are going to spend the day in diego. as far as what were looking for, well I'm guessing the mexican food down there should be good, so a good mexican spot would be nice?? please nothing too fancy(we hate fancy/high end places). although when it comes to mexican we like more americanized stuff(i.e. fajitas) haha. also we are vegetarian but I dont want that to limit our choices, also we are always up for ethnic food. basically we just want a good lunch spot? and maybe somewhere we can get good late night eats after the concert? what areas in diego are nice to spend the day in? old town? gaslamp? whatever spot is nice to spend the day at is where we'd like to eat. also please tell me more about Super Cocina?

                  p.s. sorry if this post is all over the place

                  1. re: AdamFoodie

                    Super Cocina is the best Mexican in San Diego, IMO. It's not Americanized, however, but homestyle Mexican cooking. They do have some vegetarian items (great chiles rellenos!), but another couple of options you should consider:

                    Mama Testa - This is a taqueria in Hillcrest with a substantial number of vegetarian items. The nopales w/ oaxaca cheese and pasilla chile sauce are really good.

                    Mama's Lebanese Bakery and Deli - Lots of vegetarian options here, very good middle eastern food. Their falafel and baba ghannouj are excellent, as is their Lebanese coffee.

                    1. re: Josh

                      I understood, though, that SC uses manteca (from pork) in pretty much all dishes. Wouldn't that be used in the "vegetarian" items like chiles relleno as well? I would love if someone could tell me there were items without any pork products, because I'm allergic, and have been missing SC because of this. Josh, are you sure the chiles relleno are truly vegetarian? If so, I'm going!

                      1. re: amyzan

                        I wish I knew the answer to that question, because their chile rellenos and their chilaquiles in the morning are stellar vegetarian items.

                        You might call and ask for the owner. FWIW, the chiles rellenos don't really taste like they have lard to me, but I certainly wouldn't base a decision to eat them on that. I would guess a pork allergy would make most Mexican off limits.

                        1. re: amyzan

                          I think the base of the caldillo (tomato broth) that the rellenos rest have a chicken broth base and/or manteca aromatics fried. Can you eat beef or chicken or shrimp? The tortitas de camorones con nopales may contain pork as well despite being a Lenten dish.

                          Call 619 -584 -6244 ask for Juan Pablo - he will be able to help you out more than anyone else. He is the owner's son.