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Oct 10, 2007 10:56 PM

Great Restaurants in NOLA

My husband and I are coming to New Orleans in early November. I want to take him for a meal that will inspire him. We are chefs and own a fine dining restaurant in Indiana. I'd love thoughts on great places to go for a tasting menu. What restaurant should be at the top of our list to try??

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  1. With all the (deserved) press John Besh has been getting recently (Next Iron Chef and Top Chef Finale appearance), Besh's August should be found near or at the top of your list. August is the NOLA restaurant against which I judge all others.

    About a tasting menu--I do not believe they provide a specific tasting menu, but I do know that they are very good at accommodating special requests--last time I was there I had the same waiter that I've had in the past, and requested their special buster crab BLT that was a year-removed from the menu, and the chef sent out 4 (enough for the table). Amazing place.

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      Besh wasn't on Top Chef. Regardless, I was there recently and really enjoyed the tasting menu. August will inspire you for sure.

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        You're right, it was Rocco I was thinking of. Must have been his trouncing of Batali on Iron Chef America.

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          You may have been thinking of Todd English who has a restaurant at Harrah's. Never been and the name escapes me.

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        Unless things have changed in the last two months, Restaurant August does offer a full tasting menu. The option is to add the sommelier's wine pairing, which was the uneven part of my dining experience. The tasting menu was great, as was the service and ambiance. Unless they work on the wine aspect, I'd do half-bottles to try and match the great fare from the kitchen.


      3. August or Stella - thats pretty much what your gonna get here. Bill Hunt - one of the bloggers here has written about his experiences - you'll wanna read that. Search the New Orleans Board for August

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          Please don't leave out Brigtsten's. More New Orleans, more personal, different experience from August or Stella yet still of very high quality. Should be on any visiting chef's list.

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            Thanks so much for all of the suggestions. I'll check into Restaurant August, Stella and Brigtsten's.

          2. For my $ (and inspiration), I'd choose Restaurant August and Brigtsen's. Take a look at:

            Each of these two, plus several others, appear as addenda to the main post, so read down.