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Oct 10, 2007 10:33 PM


We had a wonderful dish at Tempo of Wild Salmon Filet crusted with Moroccan Spices and served with a Shaved Fennel and Apple Salad as a garnish.

I have been successful with the Salmon, but the Shaved Fennel evades me.

How do they shave fennel paper thin for the salad? The Apple as well?

I made it slicing very thin with a chef's knife, but I couldn't get it thin enough.

I served it with a dressing of O&Co Lemon Infused EVOO and a drop of White Wine Vinegar.

Any help. as well as other recipes for using the fennel will be greatly appreciated.

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    1. re: purple goddess

      I think that is the best bet - I don't have one, but am able to get it pretty thin with a v. sharp knife. My truffle slicer is great for shaving garlic into paper thin slices, but don't know how well it would work with the larger fennel bulb.

      BTW - if you don't have a mandoline, is having sale on a good one - $130 rather than over $200. I managed to resist ....

      1. re: MMRuth

        As a cheaper alternative, a japanese made mandolin is usually around 60 and less unwieldy, though they're mostly plastic. Careful though, I (and others) tend to cut themselves a lot more on them though. You can find them in asian markets (like sunrise) or in chinatown.

        1. re: chocolateman

          After cutting my pinkie on a mandolin once (one word: ewwww....) I now wear a cheap, clean oven mitt to protect my hands.

          1. re: Olivia

            That is definitely my EWW moment of the day! Yikes!

          2. re: chocolateman


            The Benriner is a great mandoline. Even though I have both the Benriner and the Bron, I use the Bernriner the most. Lighter easier to use and much cheaper. The only down side of the one I use is that it is not as wide as the Bron but Benriner makes a wider one as well. I'm pretty sure the one on the Amazon site is the wider one.

   This is the one I have and it goes for around $25

      2. We use a KUHN RIKON Julienne Hand Held Mandoline w/ Handguard
        It is a great small device, very sharp and we do ultra Thin slivers of fruit, fennel, potatoes, onions, etc. Only about $20.