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Oct 10, 2007 09:51 PM

Anyone been to Luxor in Calgary?

Luxor Emporium Cafe in Brentwood for Egyptian cuisine?

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  1. Luxor Cafe in Brentwood has been closed for years. There is a Luxor on 8th Avenue at the far west end of downtown - not sure if it is the same.

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    1. re: Zydeco_Mama

      Pretty sure its the same place... I was there a couple months ago and it was pretty good, would definitely go back. I had the falafels and the kushari, both were tasty. From what I remember, there wasn't much on the menu that was strictly Egyptian, but worth checking out.

      1. re: ajy

        I've had the catering on occasion and been mildly impressed. Would agree with the above - it's "pretty good" but not particularly egyptian, nor would I pick it as a donair spot worth going out of my way for.