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Oct 10, 2007 08:32 PM

Cheap eats in Calgary?

Where would one go for good, original food on the cheap in Calgary?

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  1. Codo for PHO Sate - $7.50

    Laurier Lounge Poutine - $10.00

    Vogglio's Pizza - Price Varies, best/most satisfying pizza in Calgary

    Sunterra Market - Varies, but some excellent tasty deals to be found

    Regal Beagle - $0.25 wings Monday and Wednesday, Best in Calgary imho

    Uptown Sushi - Varies, cheap for the quality

    Probably lots more options too, although your definition of "cheap" would probably differ from the next persons..

    The places I listed are my weekly spots, and of course I will splash more to treat myself to higher end dining once in a while, but to tell you the truth I am perfectly satisfied eating this stuff most of the time :)

    1. The places that immediately spring to mind are the Austrian Canadian Club, Jonas Restaurant, and Vagabondo.

      ACC, of course, serves Austrian classics such as Wiener schnitzel, bratwurst, smoked pork chop, goulash, cold cuts, etc. But they also serve some standard western fare. My experiences there have always been good, and the prices are low for the food and the drinks. If you want good food and import beer for less than it usually costs for a burger and a Kokanee, check it out.

      Jonas is a Hungarian restaurant, and they also provide excellent value for money. The chicken paprikash is out of this world and very inexpensive.

      Vagabondo is a family-run Italian restaurant that, unfortunately, will be closing for good as of December 1 when the mama and papa retire. If you can get there before then, have the pasta platter for 2 (or more). It is $14.95 per person, but you get your choice of 3 pastas, and will have enough leftovers for the next 2 days. They will also give you fresh-baked hot buns.

      Hope that helps.

      Austrian Canadian Cultural Centre
      3112 11 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E, CA

      Namskar Restaurant
      2404 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB T2E, CA

      Jonas' Restaurant
      937 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0V7, CA

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      1. re: feuerzeug

        Just an update for you. My understanding is Vagabondo is closed. The prices have also gone up at the ACC - it's not quite the good deal it used to be.

        Jonas' is good though!

        1. re: yen

          We just ate at Vagabondo on Tuesday night. They are closing, but not until December 1.

          1. re: feuerzeug

            Ah - gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up!

      2. The posters above all have great recommendations. Lemme add a couple

        Vietnamese subs - available at various locations. I'm fond of Banh Mi Thi Thi accross from the harry hays buliding in chinatown, but Kim Anh on 17th ave is also good. $3.50-$6 depending on the sandwich filling.

        Food at the Ship and Anchor - is very reasonably priced, and good value and quality for pub food.

        Forest lawn in general is a good place for cheap dinner eats, from the vegetarian platters at fassil, the dozens of vietnamese places, skylark indian, casa latina... and more.

        If you're looking for a quick lunch, there's a chinese bbq meat place on the west side of centre st around 14th st N where you can get two kinds of bbq meat (easily about half a pound) on rice for about $5. Both their bbq pork and roast pork are good. i wasn't as impressed with their soya chicken.

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        1. re: marcopolo

          I have never been a huge fan of the food at the ship, lots of people think it's great, but the burgers I had there were crap frankly.

          I give a wholehearted recommendation to the Drum and Monkey, never have I had a bad meal there.. their burgers are exceptional. And in addition there is a hummus and pita platter with bruschetta that is well under $10, and very tasty & filling.

          Just my .02

          1. re: young lion

            huh. i guess i mostly have the wraps at the ship. But in re-reading the OP, i guess neither of these spots are really 'original food' -- The clientele, maybe... but that's a whole other ball of wax :)

            while i'm posting, let me add that lunch is good for cheap eats in calgary. Matsarang house in the tarjan block (sp? on both) - reviewed elsewhere on this forum) - does a good lunch special where you can get a variety of bbq korean meats, soup, rice and korean sides/pickles. After 2pm, the value drops significantly. If you're by North Hill Mall, the korean place in the food court there is also a good bet.

            1. re: young lion

              I tried the Drum & Monkey on the basis of this recommendation and I was very disappointed with the burger that I had there. I would encourage a trip to Fourth & 4th, Joeys or Earls over the Drum & Monkey.

              1. re: maclock

                Sorry to hear you had a bad experience at the Drum maclock..

                I _HAVE_ had a bad burger or two there (overcooked) but generally they are very good, strange that the consistency isn't there.

            2. re: marcopolo

              The chinese bbq place on Centre and 14th is closed.

              1. re: marcopolo

                The chinese bbq place on Centre St. is closed.

                1. re: a voce

                  The BBQ place on Centre St. is very much open. I was at BBQ express for lunch on monday (they're closed on tuesdays, though)...

              2. I have had tasty food at Kublai on 8th Street and 6th Ave SW, they do the whole Indian food "curry in a hurry" thing but also lots of other good stuff. Definitely open for lunch, I don't know about evenings though - hard to find anything besides bars and hotel restaurants open in the downtown core after 5 PM!

                1. I tried Golden Bell Saigon (106-6008 MacLeod Trail SW) at the suggestion of a friend and it was amazing. You must try the lemongrass pork Vietnamese sub - only $5.50!

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                  1. re: asiandelight

                    Koryo Korean BBQ at Northhill mall. Greatest potatoes in the city, except for maybe the thyme and nutmeg pave that showed up at the River for a couple weeks a few seasons ago.

                    Edit: and Koryo is super cheap, 2 people could split the mega combo and walk away with a 1000 calories each.