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Oct 10, 2007 08:31 PM

Bai Jiu

Does anyone know where I can get bai jiu in the Atlanta area? I've tried the major asian markets without any results. I would prefer Er Guo Tou but Moutai or any other brand is fine. Thanks in advance!

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  1. empire merchants has recently started distributing baojing bai jiu in new york, i imagine it will be in atlanta soon if it isn't already. i tried it and didn't like it, but i don't think i could tell a good bai jiu from a bad one. moutai is sold by golden eagle trading here and i think they're just local, but you could ask them if they distribute in the south.

    1. ive looked in the liquor stores in the midtown/downtown area without much luck. i guess i'll have to wait for my next trip to new york

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        Call Tower on Buford Hwy and see what they can find for you.

      2. Forsyth Liquor on 1545 Mcfarland pkwy Alpharetta Ga 30005. their phone # 7706649947. they have bai jiu and chines vodka. i belive the brand name is BAOJING.

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