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Healthy FroYo in SD?

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I'm aware of Paradise Yogurt and Rockie's. Are there any other "healthy" yogurt places? Thanks!

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  1. Red Berry and Yogurt World on Convoy. But no frozen yogurt is "healthy" per se.

    Maybe the "plain" flavor, but still if it isn't low or non fat...

    I guess it depends on your definition of "healthy". I like the frozen yogurt from McDonald's for $1. Good flavor for plain and can get it without fruit.

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      Redberry (also on Convoy) is all low and non-fat. I prefer a few extra calories for Yogurt World though.

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        Last time I spoke with the manager at Yogurt World, he said that all of their flavors (except anything with "custard" in the name) are low- or non-fat: the tart flavors are low-fat, and most of the other flavors are fat-free. Not to say that it's healthy ... all that sugar can't be good for you ...

        I also like Paradise Yogurt for their selection of Wow Cow, Skinnie Minnie, and other low-lactose or low-calorie yogurts. I like to feel like I'm eating healthy yogurt when I have a bowl of Wow Cow (I just ignore all of the additives that must take the place of all the calories!). I saw that Paradise opened another location near SDSU that has later hours on the weekends.