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Oct 10, 2007 07:34 PM

Foodie looking for good chow in Milwaukee

I have never been to Milwaukee and looking for a good dinner, not too fancy, bistro style, but good chow. price not an issue. any recommendations appreciated.

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  1. Chez Jacques.

    There is also a new chef-owned place called Meritage. I havent been yet, but the chef was previously at a place called Barossa which was very well thought of. I havent been yet, but the menu looks great, and I'm anxious to try it.

    1. Coquette Cafe is a wonderful French style bistro owned by Sandy D'amato (Sanford's)
      Sandford's is his high end , fantastic restaurant.

      Coquette Cafe
      316 N Milwaukee St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

      1. Milwaukee has some great German food. Try Karl Ratzsche's.
        Brady Street has most of the bars, restaurants.

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          It used to be that Brady street had a lot of the bars and restaurants, but it has changed.There are so many other areas of the city that have great restaurants and bars. Brady st. has actually cooled down. Milwaukee ave has quite a few bars and restaurants, Cubanita's, Carnevor to name a few restaurants, Yanni's is just around the corner from Milwaukee ave on Mason.. The Third Ward is in a growth stage with a new bar and restaurants opening weekly(it seems). Fanatics is a new sports bad that just openend in the Third Ward and Cuvee is a champagne bar that just opened too. The Hinterland opened a Gastro Pub on Eerie street.