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Oct 10, 2007 07:06 PM

Top Chef 3 Reunion

I know that the reunion episode just started, but anyone have any "bets" for Fan Favorite? I'd guess that it would be either Casey, Dale, or Tre.

I also think that overall, the chefs all were pretty professional and genuinely had respect for one another, which is drastically different than last season. I'm going to miss these folks, I hope we continue to see these chefs in the future!

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  1. It's over now; since others might not have seen it yet I won't say who won the fan favorite. But I was struck by how little nastiness these folks had for one another. In the clips, when they criticized one another, it was usually about the food, not about personality. There were a couple of those moments, I remember, early in the show, but by the end folks seemed truly to like and respect one another. Teasing in the reunion show was good-natured, even affectionate.

    Group dynamics are interesting...Put one group of people in the high-pressure situation of Top Chef and they turn into schoolyard bullies; put another group of people in the same situation and things turn out completely different.

    I'm very impressed with all of these folks. As I said in another thread, any one of the three finalists could have won and I'd have turned the TV off happy. Bravo will have to work hard to make season 4 this good.

    1. This was a fun reunion to watch, unlike Season 2. They all definitely seemed to enjoy each other's company and have genuine respect for each other - even Micah didn't seem that irritating.

      Some funny bits throughout - when Andy asked Clay what his favorite challenge was [grin]. I LOVED the "love story" the editors created! LOL And we now know what the latest Top Chef tee-shirt is (although nothing will top Dave's saying "I'm not your bitch, bitch!")

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      1. re: LindaWhit

        Haha, while Andy's question was pretty funny, I thought it was kind of rude too. Maybe it would have been less offensive to a different person.

        1. re: LindaWhit

          Wow! I thought they were joking about the tee shirt being on sale at the website, but it's there... along with Dave's quote from season 1.

        2. Good season! My boy Hung won the title....and my boo Casey won the cash and fan favorite! woot woo

          Tom vs. Hung for the pre-premiere next season. Get it done!

          Glad to see Howie is in a good place mentally and is loved! Seemed like he was the guy always on the edge of the party watching everyone else having fun.

          1. Ditto to all comments thus far. It was fun to watch, and refreshing to see everyone having a good time (at least it seemed that way!).

            My only regret is that no mention was made of Hung's signature line about his monkey! I'd totally buy a t-shirt with "My monkey can do that" emblazoned on it!

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            1. re: tachis

              ditto that. i proposed it a while back in another TC3 thread...but at the time i figured there would be no way to get it to them before they taped the reunion show. if only i had known it was happening AFTER the finale...i really would have sent one in!

              1. re: tachis

                Interesting all the positive comments - I found it hokey, for lack of a better word, and even though I taped it and could fast forward through it, quickly erased it.

                1. re: tachis

                  No joke! What was up w/Hung's "monkey"--oops, that sounded kinda bad! :)

                2. Not one word from Lia on the show-- weird, huh? Odd too to hear people express surprise that Tre departed (perceivedly) early, but no such compliment for Jean George's exec sous chef.

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                  1. re: alias wade

                    Lia always kept a low profile on camera, anyway. Casey expressed appreciation for her.

                    imho the reunion was totally unmemorable.

                    1. re: ChefJune

                      What about Hung jumping out of bed in his boxers?

                      Or the Casey Bikini shot?

                      All good times. Black widow and the Padma-CJ interaction was nice!