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Oct 10, 2007 06:47 PM

Where can I buy dried black mission figs?

I've looked in all the health food stores near me, and in some middle eastern stores, but all I can find are turkish figs and Calimyrna figs. Where can I find black mission figs, dried, in Montreal? Locations near the Plateau / downtown / Jean Talon are preferred. Thanks!

Also, I know this isn't in the thread title but it didn't seem worth it's own thread: does anyone know any stores that carry Annie's goddess dressing, a tahini based dressing? I've seen lots of other Annie's dressing, but for some reason not the goddess one, which is odd because it's their signature dressing.

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  1. Hi, I have found black mission figs (dried) at my local IGA - where they have the specially bagged organic things. I have also found them at Les douceurs du marche at the Atwater market. They are great, soaked in port and balsamic vinegar - with either a pork tenderloin of a nice filet mignon. YUM

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      Okay, I will check those places, but I'm not sure where there's an IGA near me, and I rarely get to Atwater. If I can't find them anywhere else though I will pursue these suggestions.

    2. Last year I managed to find some packaged black mission figs at Merci en Vrac in the Jean-Talon market (south-east corner, next to Le Marché des Saveurs). They had other figs in bulk, plus the pre-packaged black missions. Haven't looked for them recently though. (I also checked Anatol - spice/bulk shop on St-Laurent - last year with no luck).

      In addition, I think that Merci en Vrac also carries Annie's products, although I couldn't swear to that. But I feel like I have seem their labels on the shelves...that would be a real bonus for you! If they don't stock Annie's, try the shop directly across from MEV. It's another natural foods shop...can't remember the exact name...maybe Epicerie Alfalfa?

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        Speaking of dried figs, the last time I tried to buy any, at my local grocers, they all had small white specks on them. I couldn't remember seeing this before; does anyone know if this was some kind of fungal growth or if it's naturally occurring?

        1. re: rillettes

          I think it's the sugar crystallizing, but wouldn't swear on it. It's not harmful I don't think, but means they're not very fresh. If you soak the figs in water briefly the sugar should dissolve off and they should become soft again.

        2. re: lait cru

          I looked at Vrac this weekend and didn't see them with the other figs, but I didn't think to look elsewhere in the store. I'll ask next time I'm there.

          I looked at Alfafa for Annie's and they carry it but not Goddess dressing. I didn't notice it at Vrac and I've been there lots, but I'll double check next time.

        3. I will check at my local IGA - where I usually get them (I don't know how to describe th packaging but it's see through cellophane, and the brand is all organic stuff - demerrera sugar, lentils, apricots, wild rice...

          If I find some, I'll let you know and maybe I can get them and manage to get them to you sometime.

          1. So I was at Atwater today and les Douceurs du Marche definitely has them - the same make as the ones I find at IGA. I am going there tomorrow (IGA) and will check it out.

            What part of town do you live in?