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Oct 10, 2007 06:16 PM

Oakville for Bday Dinner?

My moms birthday is on sunday and shes going to be in oakville for the day so we planned to have a dinner out there. So what are some nice restaurants, not too expensive (20-25$ mains approx) for a dinner in Oakville thats open on Sunday. Preferably not ethnic food. Thanks ahead of time!

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  1. What about Jonathan's Souffle and Wine Bar? It's next door to Jonathan's proper and much cheaper (& less formal). It's in your price range, the soufflees are lovely, and if that doesn't make your day, there are plenty of other options on the menu. They have a menu on their website:

    1. I always take my mother to Seasons for her's very close to Jonathons on Lakeshore..there are a few other nice spots here..Olivers (quite expensive), Thyme is nice also..

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        My favourite restaurant in Oakville is Thyme at Lakeshore and Trafalger

      2. Hm all of those places sound amazing, but theyre a little more then I wanted to spend (more 30-40 $ mains unless we all go with pasta). My mother is VERY steak and potatoes, doesnt like anything interesting from a foodie perspective really so in her eyes "its not worth spending the money on a really expensive fancy meal" when she would be happier with something simple (but atmosphere is still important)

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            Again, as amazing as it looks, its just not casual enough for my mother.. To help , the kind of places she likes are things like : Keg mansion, Rebel house, House on Parliament, Globe Bistro. Any thing similar in Oakville?

          2. What about VIA MIA, on Kerr Street in Oakville?
            It looks comfortable, good staff, nice etc

            Here is the write up in West of the City Mag:

            Formerly T-bones....

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              hm thats an option, but Id love to avoid italian if its possible in our price range only because we have it so often.. but there were few places Ive been told about, any opinions on the following:
              hamptons restaurant
              tongue and groove
              o'finn irish temper
              ansons of oakville
              thanks again

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                Via Mia had to be one of the worst Italian restaurant meals I've eaten. Badly prepared, overpriced 70's style Italian. I have also tried to go to the sister resturant Fishbones but the server was so rude when we arrived and then completely ignored my Dad and me on the patio that we left without ordering. There are so many awesome restaurants in Oakville such as Stoney's, (casual) Funky Thai, but I haven't found a good steakhouse yet.