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Oct 10, 2007 05:58 PM


Can anyone provide me with any comments on Typhoon on S. Highland in Shadyside. My boyfriend's grandparents are coming in to visit Pittsburgh for the first time in many years and we want to make sure that we take them out for a good meal. They enjoy eating well and will normally only eat at places with great Zagat ratings. Is Typhoon a good choice? How is the service/wine list/menu?

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  1. While we have enjoyed Typhoon it is not a reataurant to which I would go expecting a great meal. The words which come to maind are "Thaish" [sort of like "truthiness"] and "Stark". If location is important Casbah is just across the street and there are a number of very good restaurants on Ellsworth. If you can travel a bit and are willing to hit the Wine & Sprits store first Bona Terra across the river in Sharpsburg highlights the best the region has to offer.


    1. I really like Typhoon - always have a great meal - LOVE their pumpkin curry. The service is very good - don't know much about the wine list - love the menu!

      Casbah, Umi, Soba, Red Room, are also good choices. I have also heard amazing things about Bonna Terra.

      1. wouldn't recommend it. if you want to stay in shadyside try enrico's or cafe zinho.

        1. Typhoon is excellent. It's Thai fusion; if you don't want that, don't go there. That said, interesting flavors (morning glory with black bean sauce!), great quality ingredients, esp. seafood, nice wine list. This is a tried-and-true special-occasion place.

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            I'm guessing, then, that Typhoon will be a big hit with someone who is a fan of curry?