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Oct 10, 2007 05:58 PM

An Alton Brown must-see episode!

Tonight, FN is airing Alton's "Three Chips for Sister Marsha" episode. The show details the chemistry involved in creating three different types of chocolate chip cookies from the same basic dough. You change the fat, the temp, etc. in order to create the cookie texture you desire: soft, chewy, crisp, etc. Very informative, and I have cooked for decades and decades!

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  1. I agree it's informative, but alas, Marsha is soooo annoying it ruins the show!

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    1. re: Sarah

      Yep...although it's worth watching it once to hear the explanations for what the variations do for the cookies. Then just get the recipes off of the website and never watch the episode again in life.

      Wow is it annoying.

    2. The chewy cookie recipe is divine!

      1. Love that episode, particularly the hand puppet who explains the effects of various things on the texture of the final cookie..

        1. I'll note that you can find this episode using a certain well known video sharing service that I think everyone is familiar with, just search for the title.