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Oct 10, 2007 05:43 PM

Sintra in Braintree

I'm visiting my parents in Braintree in a couple of weekends and I'm curious to know if anyone has tried Sintra. I hear it's totally out of place in South Braintree Square (read: the food is actually good). Is it worth trying or would I be better off just going to the South End, where I know I can find something delicious, inventive, seasonal, and not too expensive?

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  1. Tried it a few years ago and it was excellent. Creative, nicely presented, and not a tiny portion (one of my pet peaves about some restaurants in Boston...I don't expect to be stuffed buffet style, but if the entrees look like appetizers, my stomach gets annoyed :-)

    1. We dined there this past summer and found it to be above average. Menu is short but interesting. Wine list serviceable; waitstaff above average. I would not avoid this establishment.

      1. It's been a good 2 years, but I really enjoyed my meal there. Light and well-prepared. Great crabcakes (and reasonably priced). The dining room is small, and more casual ( you wouldn't be out of place in jeans), but not pub-like or family-dining chain-like in any way.

        1. I was there a couple of weeks ago and it was excellent. Both my app and dinner were specials. The app was a pizza with goat cheese and figs - I actually ate the whole thing because it was so good. I usually can only manage a few bites. The monkfish dinner was just as tasty. Oh, I forgot, had a blueberry somethingorother for dessert - another special. Just as fabulous as the the app and entree.
          The waitstaff is great - attentive and they let you take your time. The dinning room and bar are both well appointed, warm and intimate. I'm looking forward to my next visit...

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            Excellent. If they still have the roast duck, it's perfect.

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              Sintra just put out a new menu this week -- unfortunately, the roast duck is gone (and so are the crabcakes!!!). They've also knocked a couple of bucks off the appetizers and entrees (apps now $5-$9, entrees $14-25). I'm not sure what to think of this...

          2. wow. i'm surprised. thanks for the feedback. i'll definitely try it.