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Oct 10, 2007 05:42 PM

Chef Toni Froio

Chef Toni is now at The Mill in Spring Lake Heights two nights a week. I believe it is Wednesday and Thursday.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I was recently telling my husband that we should try The Mill, again. We haven't been there in a few years. Chef Toni is very experienced.

    1. She has got to be *the* most peripatetic chef on the face of the earth! Well, certainly in NJ. A well-known chef working only two nights a week at a well-known restaurant seems very strange. Thus, the question is: What exactly is her role there? The Mill's website says there are new menus coming, so maybe she's involved with that. Actually, the real question is: How long will she stay? lol

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        I believe she is also an instructor at Mumford's in Tinton Falls/Shrewsbury.

        1. re: RGR

          I called The Mill yesterday and they said you should make a reservation and that there is a special menu for Wed. & Thurs. nights. No guarantee that she will still be cooking when you get there. My nephew worked with her at The Farmingdale House. I Cavellini, and several other establishments. From what I heard she walked out of I Cavellini on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Strange woman.

          1. re: JAF

            When she was at The Farmingdale House many years ago the restaurant was fantastic as is I Cavellini today even though she may have departed.