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Oct 10, 2007 05:11 PM


I'll be traveling next week to parts of California where kosher food is unavailable. What I'd like to do is have food delivered to my hotel. Anyone have any recommendations for this kind of service, money is really no object as my company will pay. Thanks....

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      The food is excellent and delivered directly to your hotel.

      1. Try
        Both look good.
        Mind you, I haven't personally tried either one.

        I have tried the Meal Mart shelf-stable microwaveable meals, and they're good.
        I suppose if you don't want to shlep them with you you could get them shipped
        wherever you like, for a lot less than these other places charge.

        1. BS"D

          Where are you heading? Iask because there's at least some kosher food pretty much everywhere in CA, some places more than others, of course. If you want gourmet meals (or as close as you can get), it probably depends upon where you're going to be as to what suppliers will have that location within easy shipping radius. Of course, since you're probably flying into a major airport, there's probably cooked food close by that you can pick up and take to your hotel. For instance, Oakland Kosher Foods does catering, so it has the facilities to make anything you want, and it's pretty close to the Oakland airport. Or there are a couple of kosher meat restaurants in SF. And anywhere within SoCal is probably within reach of a kosher restaurant or deli. Of course, if you're heading to Monterey or central CA, there's not much kosher available, but any major kosher restaurant which offers take-out should be able to FedEx overnight in sealed foil or microwaveable containers with instructions, but you must then assume that the hotels follow the instructions, and if they serve open containers, then the assumption must be made that the food isn't kosher- so maybe it's in your best interest to be there in person for the heating. Generally speaking, though, if you're anywhere in California and have access to a car, you'll be able to find kosher food in supermarkets, etc.

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            I've always run into a problem especially in Norther CA. I'm going to be in Sacramento (there's Bob's Butcher Block, but they close early), Walnut Creek/Concord, nothing there, closest is SF and it's painful to get into SF. I'm with my gentile colleagues, so Sabra and NY Deli really won't do it. I'd prefer just to eat alone in my hotel and then go out with them for dinner to nurse a diet-coke!

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              Bob's may not even be around. I know he recently announced he was closing and relocating his family to New York, taking a position with a caterer. Touro University in Vallejo has a kosher food service- I don't know who they're using now- maybe Oakland Kosher Foods, maybe they've farmed their kitchens out to someone local under supervision, but whoever it is, they can probably help. Call or email Rabbi Kaufman there- he's a wonderful fellow (was my mashgiach in fall '89 at the winery, so I've known him many years):
              Yitzchak (Kenny) Kaufman
              Rabbi, Director of Campus Life
              Touro University, Mare Island, CA
              (707) 638-5507