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Oct 10, 2007 04:24 PM


I just noticed that there is an Upper Crust pizzeria in Waltham on Moody st. Anybody checked it out yet? I got a take out menu and prices seem a bit high, even higher than the Sweet Tomatoes in Newton. Is it worth the dough? OOPS, sorry , bad pun, hahahaha.........

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  1. I understand that a lot of people on this board have strong opinions on this so I will share mine. I love, love, love their pizza. It's so funny because i just ate one an hour ago. It was pepperoni, artichoke and fresh Jalepano peppers. They have a small lot in back if you cannot find parking on the street. I always take it home and I do not live in Waltham and by the time I get home it is still criaspy and delicious. Their pizza is very thin, crispy and salty. I think that the saltiness gives the pizza really nice flavor and the sauce is fresh fresh tasting. Ever since they have opened I have been addicted. I get three pizzas a week now and i used to get a sweet tomatoes pizza once or twice a month. I can't stop eating their pizza and I am not even a pizza person. It's so good.

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        I agree with hoplover, I love Upper Crust pizza. Just make sure to keep the toppings simple - the crust is too delicate to handle too much weight. Also, try their wheat dough - very tasty!

      2. I dined there the first week they were open and it was an extremely pleasurable experience. Barry, the General Manager, waited on us and couldn't have been friendlier or more accomodating. A bonus is they serve beer and wine and have flat screen tvs for watching the game du jour. A bit pricey, yes, but a great addition to Moody Street.

        1. Ya they are a bit high and the pizza is almost too crispy for me......not to mention Waltham doesnt even need another place to get pizza. You can get Greek, Italian and somewhere in between all in the same block almost.

          1. I haven't tried the one in Waltham, but I'd say it's worth a shot to see if you like it, since opinions on here are fairly mixed. I'm a big fan of the spinach leaf pizza (their red sauce w/tomato chunks, fresh spinach, a bit of ricotta). I do agree not to put too much on the pizza, b/c the crust just can't handle much weight.

            1. Reportedly there is another one opening up soon in Watertown Square, in the former Christo's 7 Stars location.