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Oct 10, 2007 03:44 PM

Restaurants for a Large Group

I am helping a friend to organize her birthday party. She is looking a touristy yet still sort of hip restaurant for a large-ish group (10-15 people). Any suggetions?

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  1. price?

    I tried to arrange something with Sassafraz a couple years ago, right before their kitchen burnt down. They had some good menus but I thought they were a bit on the pricey side ($70+ pp and guaranteed minimum cost of something exorbitant like $1500 depending on the room booked). When I passed by during Nuit Blanche it looked great and the staff were pretty welcoming to passersby! (loss of snob appeal??)

    Linda? It's small but can accommodate a larger group at the back, and menu is pretty inexpensive - great value. Love the decor and always excellent service.

    Tatami room at Ematei or Nami (japanese)

    Wait...I'm not sure what you mean by touristy.....

    1. The Boiler House in the Distrillery district has a party room upstairs that can fit a group of 20 or you can have them put a bunch of tables together in the main space upstairs. The food is decent and the distrillery area is pretty touristy.

      1. i had my birthday in August at the Bier Markt

        the food was decent..nothing to write home about, the prices are more than reasonable and it was conducive to sweet partying

        1. Thanks guys, I was acutally considering the Bier Market because I think they have Octoberfest specials on right now, which could be fun.