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Oct 10, 2007 03:16 PM

Aloha Tokyo on Fort Ave.

Does anyone know anything about this place, or has anyone been there? It is where the French Quarter corner bar used to be, in Locust Point.

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  1. Yes, it is in the old French Quarter. The exterior is the same, they even kept the same sign, just replacing "French Quarter" with "Aloha Tokyo". The interior looks completely re-done with bambo booths throughout the place. Gone is the the smokey bar, the Locust Point crew and the bartenders running numbers. I haven't been in for food yet, but it looks nice.

    1. Nice addition to the Fort Avenue corridor.Good to see something different out here..,although the neighbors were very apprehensive at first,like they have always been to something new(and foreign).Floor to ceiling tiki hut steelo,ie:bamboo/faux bamboo,comfortable small space,no doubt going to be an issue when fed hill discovers it.Been a few times,the first time the signature fishcakes were incredible,the second time they were just ok.People who run the place are very nice,albeit very anxious for you to try the large selection of soju.Sake selection is way above average for a corner bar.Menu is a mix of Korean and Japanese.Definately worth checking out.

      1. We had a fun time there with four of us. Don't expect a Matsuri menu; expect a bar with decent food and good vibe. The udon soup, dumplings, rice bowls were all enjoyable. The chef wants to include more authentic dishes but isn't sure people will want to try them (such as the oden already on the menu). They hope to add a limited sushi bar soon.