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Oct 10, 2007 03:12 PM

Hormel Pepperoni - Peel or No Peel ??

My wife and I have had this discussion about the Hormel Stick Pepperoni - Do you peel the outside casing off of it before you slice it or do you just leave it on ??

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  1. I haven't eaten one for years but I was in the peel it off camp...

    1. I usually peel the casting off before I slice it although it makes it tougher to cut/hold its shape.

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        I always used to peel it back, slice what I need, then fold it back over the remaining end before I wrap or ziplock it. It serves as a little protection for the exposed part of the meat. Not that it needs any, with all the preservatives...
        I haven't eaten that stuff for years.