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Oct 10, 2007 03:09 PM


Are the Katsu-ya restaurants in Encino and Studio City part of the same organization as Katsuya locations in Brentwood and Hollywood?

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      1. re: AquaW

        However, the owner and head chef of Katsu-ya, Katsuya Uechi, is the executive chef and consultant for Katsuya, which is owned by Sam Nazarian's company, so they are certainly connected in that way.

        1. re: Chowpatty

          Exactly. He's essentially licensed his name to SBE for these very stylized Sushi Roku/Koi competitors.

          1. re: Woolsey

            Gotcha, I was trying to figure out the connection. I have not been to any of the SBE locations, are the menu items similar?

      2. Just read on the LA Times that the Katsuya from Studio City will open a restaurant at the New Nokia LA Live area next to the Staples Center.

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        1. re: sportsfan8

          Yes, SBE's Katsuya is opening at LA Live and Glendale Americana. But technically it's a different operation from the Encino and Studio City ones, as described above.

        2. I had a surprisingly bad experience at the Encino restaurant recently. Saturday around 5 pm . Had just finished a substantial meal. Sipping on tea. Had the waitress ask us to please hurry and leave because people were waiting and we had finished. When I essentially refused (we had only been there about five minutes after paying the very efficiently delivered bill) she returned every two or three minutes to push the point until - after the third round - we surrendered. Not likely to return for that kind of rudeness.

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          1. re: maggielyn

            Part of me wonders if the waitress was pushing because other patrons were pushing. Sure, that's just rudeness transferred, but it's the waitress' job to quell that situation so it's unfortunate that it came to that.

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              Could be . . . but I didn't see anything like that going on and we were not that far from the door. (Maybe three or four parties waiting.) Still not an excuse. I think most of us have a built in sense of what is reasonable lingering time in a busy restaurant and we were not even close.

              1. re: maggielyn

                Yikes - I have to go to Katsuya Brentwood tonight with some out of towners who chose it...rather than all the other great places in LA to try! Any suggestions on what to eat?

                1. re: Tom P

                  I really like crispy rice with spicy tuna, crab hand roll, albacore sashimi with crispy onions, and the creamy rock shrimp tempura.

                  1. re: Tom P

                    The miso-marinated black cod is delicious. Also good are the robata meats. The sushi/sashimi is pretty good quality as well. There are some fun drinks on the cocktail menu. Be forwarned -- it's pricey.