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Oct 10, 2007 02:58 PM

syracuse, anyone?

looking for 1 or 2 places for dinner in and around the area of Syracuse. Yes, I have been to Dinosaur BBQ so I'm looking for additional places.

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  1. When my daughter went to SU, we liked the following places:

    Scotch & Sirloin
    Saratoga Steaks
    Arad Evans House
    Kitty Foyles


    1. L'Adour. C'est tres francais. Fine dining upstairs on Sat eve is great! We did the full tasting menu w/ wine paired (and described) w/ each course. Quite a treat.
      (Make a reservation) The chef owner is a star! The waitresses are from France.

      Arad Evans is fine for middle of the road upscale. Traditional. Staid. Good for the parents/non-adventurous eaters.

      Alto Cinco on Westcott St is very good Mexican; casual and small. Their sister restaurant -- La Cena in Fayetteville -- is said to be excellent and more upscale -- Mexican and Spanish.

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        So, I've been doing a lot of exploring of the Syracuse eating scene over the past year, and would love suggestions, advice, input, etc. Here's what I've found.

        Mexican -- Alto Cinco is wonderful. Both to eat in, and to take out. I have no complaints about it. I've had take out from Mission and thought it fine, nothing exciting, though, and given how great Alto Cinco is, I will not go back.

        Pastabilities -- Nothing special, but solid food. If you're craving an American version of Southern Italian food, its a solid option and prices are fairly reasonable.

        BC - Another solid option, though the prices are absurd (its not THAT good).

        Hawley Green Bistro - I want to like this place, and there are some things about it I do like. But, I was underwhelmed by the brunch. Potatoes came cold and were simply not very good. I'm hopeful it will improve, though.

        Pub Food -- Blue Tusk is fine, but way overpriced given the quality; the other pub fare in Armory Square borders on horrible.

        Pizza - I like Twin Trees, did not like Movino's at all.

        Indian - I think Samrat is horrible and can't understand why anyone likes it. Sahota Palace is better, but still, Syracuse's strength is clearly not Indian food.

        Dinosaur BBQ -- fine BBQ. not fantastic, but fine.

        L'Adour. -- Compared to other places in the Cuse, I think L'Adour gets it right. Usually great service, great decor, and solid food.