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Oct 10, 2007 02:40 PM

Michy's or Talula?

Hey guys

I'll be in Miami this Monday and Tuesday and need dinner advice. Is Michy's or Talula a better bet? I would do both, but they're both closed on Mondays. For Monday night, I was thinking Sardinia.. thoughts? I'm staying at the Shore Club, on GoogleMaps it appears to be walking distance. Is it?


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  1. Definitely Michy's. Sardinia is a good choice but if you don't mind leaving the beach both days I'd also consider Michael's Genuine Food and Drink. This is my current favorite (of these sort of restaurants....there are also some awesome whole in the wall, ethnic joints that are great).

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      I also would do Michaels, we love the food, service and crowd. Sardinia did not live up to its billing last weekend, and I'm not sure that I want to go back and chance a cold, not very good meal there again.

    2. Sardinia is about a 25 minute walk from the shore club. I often eat at sardinia btw and it is great but unless you like to walk it is quite a hike.

      Between Michy's and Talula. I'd do Michy's. Her highs are higher but her lows are lower. If you want a steak, get the tomahawk at Talula though.

      1. Ok, guys I'll do Michael's and Michy's, and report back.

        I'd welcome recommendations for hole in the wall ethnic joints as well for lunches. I'm guessing a lot of great Cuban?

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          In no particular order in sobe
          El chalan
          Davids Cafe
          puerto sagua
          greek place right next door to shore club
          A la folie
          Pita place between 10th and 11th on washington
          Mr Chus - dim sum

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            Those would've been my choices for dinner. To add to TP's list I'd see if Tap Tap (a Haitian restaurant) is open for lunch. Also at the west end of Lincoln Rd. there's an Argentine bakery (Panizza) good for a light breakfast or lunch.

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              You only have a few days....In SoBe: Liberty (Argentinian) and A La Folie (casual French). Off to the mainland: Hy Vong (vietnamese) and Heelsha (Indian-Bangladeshi) are worth the trip...

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                I understand you are trying to compare/contrast Michy's and Talula because you have limited time, but they really couldn't be that much more different. I've had great food at both, but I've had really uneven food and service at only one of them: Michy's. Talula continues to be one of the best and most consistent restaurants in the Miami scene. I would agree that sometimes their food should take more chances, but the very fact that a bad meal there is so rare makes it stand out in this roller coaster scene of SF.

                1. re: johnloomis

                  I would agree the food is more uneven at Michy's, but not the service. As for the food, I love Michy's, but there are some dishes or components of dishes that I've found just to be just awful (and trust me, this is not the result of being a finicky eater). Here's details ->

                  It should be noted - to the extent it matters - that these have largely been matters of concept, not execution. Nonetheless, there are lots of things that are great, the menu is fun, and I've enjoyed every meal there. The food at Talula is certainly more consistent, but I don't know that I'd choose one over the other just for that reason. And mind you, this shouldn't be read as meaning the food at Talula is boring - not by any means.

                  As for service - I don't think I could say service at Talula is more consistent than at Michy's. In fact I might say the opposite. I have generally had good service at Talula (of course we usually sit at the kitchen bar where it's tough to be ignored), but I have had some real dingbat, annoying servers occasionally. And one evening when we had a larger group seated outside we had some of the slowest, most incompetent service I've ever experienced. I have never had a bad server or even a bad experience at Michy's.

                  My suggestion - look at the menus at both, and see what jumps out at you. Though keep in mind both places update their menus fairly often.

                  Talula ->
                  Michy's ->
                  [will require a few extra clicks

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                    My last experience at Talula was AWFUL. The service, AND ESPECIALLY, the food, so I have to disagree with the consistent part. But I agree with a poster below, check out the menus and decide which one you feel would be more interesting...

                    1. re: yomyb

                      Just goes to show you how different experiences can be at these two different spots. I've had service completely ruin a celebratory meal at Michy's. And though its a nice, small little dining room, I think its going way too far to call it nice atmosphere (unless you've closed your eyes for the last several blocks before parking behind Michy's.) Though Talula is now surrounded with construction again as well.

                      I almost always agree with Frod, and he's right again. Check out the menus and take your pick.

                2. MIchy's is money in the bank. Great food, great service, great atmosphere. You can also try a lot of different items using their 1/2 portions. South Beach = home of the incompetent server. Talula is on South Beach, Michy's is not. Nuff said.