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Oct 10, 2007 02:09 PM

The Flying Pig on Lexington

I loved the Flying Pig when it was in the Mount Kisco train station. Good food and very cozy. Almost always a crowd. I haven't been there since they moved to Lexington Ave. Has anyone patronized both versions of the restaurant? Can you tell me how the new one is vs. the old?

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  1. Reviving this thread since I'm curious too. Did the Flying Pig in the train station there close? When was that? Also, any idea where I can find a menu online?

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      This was just a topic of discussion with a friend of mine. The station is open only from 5:30-10:00am for commuters to grab coffee and muffins. They used to hold private parties there but that ended 4 months ago. All catering is now at the restaurant on Lexington. Their website (with menus) is:


      I ate at the old location and enjoyed it. Have not tried the new location because I heard they had raised the priced a lot. I just looked online and the prices look reasonable. All entrees are in the $20's. So, either they recently lowered their prices or maybe they ordered specials that were outrageous. Not sure.

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        I've eaten in the new location a few times - the downstairs is a more lounge/bar area - more contemporary and lively - upstairs is an airy loft-kinda feel. We've eaten only upstairs, so I don't know if there is a different menu for downstairs. The food is very good for the most part - I've had different steak, pork and fish dishes and all have been very good. Their appetizers have been hit and miss with me, but overall okay. I try to stick with entrees that really highlight the local/artisanal ingredients they specialize in. I'm not crazy about the atmosphere or the service - and quite frankly for the more upscale atmosphere (and the associated prices) they are trying to have, I think certain things could use some tweaking (like the bathrooms and the service). Overall I personally prefer Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantville, but still like going to the Flying Pig when I'm looking for something in Mt. Kisco. Hope that helps!

    2. I had a business lunch at the new pig a few weeks ago and have to say it wasn't terribly good. My colleague sent hers back because she had ordered a salad and added chicken breast for a price and they gave her 4 small pieces of chicken. She's a small woman but finished the salad and said she was still hungry. I also had a salad which was a little better than hers, but not great. Nonetheless, the bill was big. Other places in the area are also expensive, but the quality of the food is better.

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        I'm afraid I have to update my above review as well - I've eaten there a couple of times since that review and not been wowed. At my most recent trip, the starters my husband and I ordered were truly unexciting, while the entrees were fine to good, but not what I would call impressive. For the price (which I do understand is probably a bit higher because of the type of food they source - local, organic, etc. - and for which I don't have a problem "paying up") I would expect much superior service (on each visit I've found it inattentive and slightly unpleasant). And this may be a lame observation but the bathrooms are just pathetic - incredibly small and cheaply outfitted. Not something I would care about at all if the food was amazing, but I tend to notice more of the environment when the food itself isn't wowing me. I'm still hoping it improves - it's so convenient that I would love for it to be a standout - but for the money I'd rather go to the Iron Horse. (What I would really love would be for it to be a more casual place with a wide ranging menu, from terrific sandwiches to the more expensive full entrees - with an atmosphere that would be appropriate for kids pre-7pm, but I don't see that happening.)

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          I have to agree with your review - food was okay, but overpriced, very small portions, and pretty limited menu. I feel this place gets much hype due to the local/organic ingredients but isn't nearly as good as people make it out to be. There are better places out there IMHO. I actually really miss Cafe Antico.

      2. i ate brunch there in september and it was nice

        a buffet to boot reasonable at around 18.95 i think

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          I went today for brunch - $21.95. Decent brunch, good selection. Have not tried it any other time. My husband loved the pulled pork and I thought the omelet was wonderful.