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Oct 10, 2007 02:07 PM

favorite gluten free dinners?

A friend of mine has Celiac's Disease and is eating a gluten free diet. What are some of your favorite gluten free dinners?

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  1. I have a friend with celiac and I just stick with homemade and it's usually safe. Obviously, you can't have anything with wheat in it but the less obvious foods are things like soy sauce and some mustards and prepared dressings which can have gluten added in the form of thickeners and stabilizers (in other words, the label won't necessarily say gluten but it's still in there). So, a homemade mayo is fine, but the processed stuff may or may not be - Hellman's (aka Best) specifies that it is gluten-free. Even things like baking powder can contain gluten.

    I generally stick to simple things like a roast pork loin with onions and figs served with a potato gratin (I like to combine sweet and white potatoes) and a really great green salad with homemade vinaigrette. A great fall dessert would be poached pears.

    If you serve any bread to the non-celiacs in the group, make sure there is no cross-contamination into foods the celiac will eat. People have varying tolerances.

    1. I have Celiac and I promise the possibilities are endless. What do you like to cook? Vegetarian or meat based?

      Basic rules of thumb:

      If you are cooking for someone, ask, read ingredient lists to them. Different folks do different things (e.g. some avoid oats some don't)
      Avoid processed foods and mixes when possible
      Avoid soy sauce (there is wheat free soy sauce, but read labels carefully)
      Avoid all wheat, barley (beer too), rye and related flours
      Be careful of boullion and premade stocks
      Watch cross-contamination. Don't fry in the same oil. Wash surfaces. If you think that you might have traces of flour in say your sugar, open a new bag.

      My favorites: grilled polenta with a ratatouille type sauce, serve with meat if desired. Mexican of all sorts, grilled flank steak marinated in lime with veggies - lots of veggies, and really good tortillas. Lemon and olive braised chicken (lots of recipes online), served with millet if you like it, or roasted potatoes. Chili with cornbread (cornbread is easy to make gluten free).

      1. I use spaghetti squash or spirulina sliced zucchini for pasta, or kelp noodles or shiratakis.

        I love ratatouille w/ roasted chicken on the side, but be careful, my stomach gets irritated by some commercially pre-roasted chicken.

        Hummus and babaghanoush

        Blackened fish and roasted veggies

        Miso Soup with wild greens, mushrooms, garlic, and drizzled egg whites dropped in

        Crustless quiche or frittata

        Lasagna subbing eggplant and zucchini slices for pasta noodles

        Cabbage and meatballs (turkey)

        Chicken Divan (no bread crumb topping)

        Stuffed Baked Potato or Yams/Sweet Potatoes

        Sashimi (w/ Bragg's Amino Acids)

        Soy Grits

        If breakfast for dinner is in store...

        Oatmeal pancakes or oatmeal brulee.. lately a no-no for me

        Egg white crepes filled w/ cottage cheese sweetened and cinnamon and vanilla mixed in