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Oct 10, 2007 01:58 PM

Visiting San Fran -- Is Acquerello still good?

Zipping up to San Fran (from LA) in three week's time for one night to make a rendezvous with fellow Aussie friends on Thurs Nov 1st. I've thoroughly checked your board and decided that Acquerello seems like a good bet (though there are no recent reviews).

I've checked their site, but am unsure of cost of three or four or five courses *with paired wines*

Menu Degustazione seems too hefty for our budget... I think we could manage $100 or so pp, including modest/decent quality of wine.

So, is Acquerello still good?

Would anyone like to propose any other dining suggestions? We will have a car, but don't really want to have to drive far after dinner, so somewhere centrally located is ideal.

We need somewhere that isn't too noisy so that we can converse, but not too subdued that we might appear rowdy (not likely, but you never know...)

Thanks, 'houndz!

And if anyone wants to rec a moderately priced hotel, please do so!

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  1. I think Acquerello is still great. My wife and i ate there about six months ago and loved every second of it. From the food to the service, it was an excellent overall dining experience.

    1. Yes, Acquerello is still great.

      Ristorante Milano is a less-expensive alternative that you might enjoy. They are on OpenTable along with Acquerello, so booking is a cinch.

      1. here are some recent threads, I love the place but have not been for a long time-

        you can email me for hotel ideas if you like

        1. Thanks, everyone, for these replies, especially the list of recent posts. I think I'd only unearthed one of them in my search.

          1. I recently went when my parents came to visit me--based on all the rave reviews I had read. Save your money and go elsewhere. Although the food and service are good, the portions are incredibly, incredibly tiny. You'd think if you were paying over $30 for a piece of steak, you'd get more than 3 bites. It was absurd. My poor dad had to fill up on bread and biscotti. We left hungry (and we're not exactly heavy eaters), and the bill was over $300 (with wine). I'd say you're better off keeping the extra few hundred bucks and going to Tomasso's for pizza (which we did the next day) and getting full. If you insist on going somewhere nicer, try Farallon or Gary Danko. I've haven't been disappointed by either.

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              We have been to Farallon, quite a few years ago, and enjoyed a really memorable meal. But I've learned it can be disappointing to return and expect to duplicate the experience. So I was thinking Acquerello might be comparable...